Egeria densa is one of the most popular aquarium plants in the trade. NVS code Help. the numerous articles it is mentioned about the poisonous moisture of In Brazil, for example, this plant disrupts the work of hydroelectric power stations. weeding Anacharis vegetation, you should remove such a sensitive Egeria densa is not native to Florida.The exotic Egeria is also known as Brazilian elodea.However, Egeria is Egeria; not Elodea, which is another plant altogether.This submersed plant is rooted, but pieces of it may be found drifting in the water. The plant secretes antibiotic substances which can help prevent blue green algae. This plant and synonym italicized and indented above can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below.This plant may be known by one or more common names in different places, and some are listed above. Otherwise, the bottom leaves of the plant (which usually get less light) may start to rot and fall off. rate of some delicate aquarium plants. You may also leave the sprigs to float in the tank water and, eventually, after reaching the necessary size, they will strike roots themselves. + Expand All - Collapse Specimens and Distribution. Egeria densa Planch., 1849; Synonyms . The whorls grow from regularly spaced nodes that become more profuse toward the tip of the stem. Elodea densa . Hydrilla’s female flowers are white and very small. Den kan være en hjælp ved bekæmpelse af alger, da den vokser hurtigt og optager mange næringsstoffer fra vandet. 1933. the plant especially for the fish juveniles, that’s why you should The Egeria densa may be confused with doing so it stops unwanted algae from growing in the tank. The easiest way to distinguish between these two is by flower size and the underside midrib of the leaf. What does egeria densa mean? Antonyms for Egeria densa. adult fishes – Anacharis moisture is not poisonous for them. He’s been fond of aquarium husbandry since his early childhood. The habitat is in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Anacharis propagates rather quickly by means of cutting its stem. Egeria densa does not require CO2 fertilisation, however, additional CO2 speeds up growth even further. What are synonyms for Egeria densa? Egeria can be easily confused with another exotic submersed plant in Florida, Hydrilla. In some areas when the plant gets into the natural bodies of water, it becomes an invasive plant species. Hydrilla produces tubers and turions; Egeria does not. The National Vegetation Survey (NVS) Databank is a physical archive and electronic databank containing records of over 94,000 vegetation survey plots - including data from over 19,000 permanent plots. Definition of Egeria densa in the Fine Dictionary. in your tank successfully is the illumination level. Another They have three white petals that can be up to three-quarters of an inch across. more. Fl. Dictionary entry overview: What does Egeria densa mean? Noun 1. It will grow both anchored in the substrate and floating on the water’s surface, under a wide variety of conditions. Brazilian e. South American waterweed. Moczarka argentyńska (Egeria densa Planch) – gatunek rośliny z rodziny żabiściekowatych (Hydrocharitaceae).Polska nazwa zwyczajowa „moczarka” jest myląca, bowiem roślina nie należy do rodzaju moczarka (Elodea), lecz do rodzaju Egeria.Pochodzi z Ameryki Południowej. Sergey is a founder and author of The plant has an upright enrooted stem up to 5 m long and 1-3 Egeria densa prefers fresh water basins with lentic or slowly flowing water. By this the plant suppresses the growth of the latter and enriches the water with oxygen more intensively, than most of other plants. On the stem there are 4 short lanceolate leaves in each internode (verticil). Egeria densa is a submersed, freshwater perennial herb that forms dense monospecific stands that restrict water movement, trap sediment, and cause fluctuations in water quality. The leaves of Hydrilla have one or more teeth on the underside midribs; Egeria, on the other hand, never has teeth on the underside midrib. UF Privacy Policy I put anacharis plants in my tank because I have white cloud mountain minnows and since they like green matter, they eat the leaves of the anacharis plants when there is not any other food available in the tank. As Information and translations of EGERIA DENSA in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Egeria’s white flowers, however, are much larger and more conspicuous. absorbing nitrates the plant sufficiently cleans the water and in Remember, the exotic Egeria has a long stem with strap-shaped leaves;  leaves are in whorls of three to six, with finely serrated margins; Egeria flowers are white and up to three-quarters of an inch wide. Ecology: Egeria densa is an aquatic plant in the waterweed family that inhabits mild to warm freshwaters, such as slow-flowing streams in warm, temperate, and tropical regions (Parsons and Cuthbertson 2001). avoid trimming the plant too much in the nursery tanks. Egeria densa Planchon (1849) – Moczarka argentyńska . Planch. Anacharis perfectly grows in a house pond even without rooting, CO2 Vascular – Exotic. From the first sight the plant lamina is smooth with flat edges, but if you magnify the image you’ll see that the edges are actually sawtooth ones. By Chemical methods are the most efficient ones when getting rid of it. It is important to avoid abrupt changes of the growing conditions, since this may cause even the plant death. In such a way that it grows with very quickly, with favorable conditions, can reach 2 meters in length or more. Egeria densa Planchon 1849. When washing ta… This page uses Google Analytics Synonyms for Egeria densa in Free Thesaurus. The new plant will soon start growing, too. Water hardness and pH have no impact on the plant, since Anacharis grows both in very soft and hard water. plant from the tank. Egeria densa belongs to the most unpretentiousness and easy in care aquarium plants. Anacharis plants are really bushy and add a nice, full look to any tank. Propagation is very easy, as in most stem plants. Występuje w wodach różnego typu, zwłaszcza w stojących, wolno płynących lub w zastoiskach rzecznych. Stems will grow until they reach the surface of th… The cosmopolitan Egeria densa is a good plant for beginners, and its rapid growth helps create a balance in the aquarium from the start. a lateral shoot, and replant into the substrate. It can also help prevent algae because it absorbs a great number of nutrients from the water. The Egeria helps preventing algae because it absorbs a great number of nutrients from the water. Is Elodea an oxygenating plant? Just cut off a part of the plant, e.g. Elodea Densa (Egeria Densa) Home : Widespread Preferred Ph : 5-10 Temp range : 5-26C Size : 20-100cm Tank location : background Lighting : 40-75w/100litres Aquarium suitability : A very important aquarium plant, thrives quickly, using up suspended tank nutrients and hence cutting out a lot of algal growth. true, that in spring and summer provided with bright illumination, Simple process of Egeria densa cultivation explains its popularity. Nowadays, the plant has widely spread over Eurasia, North America and Oceania. perfectly fits tanks with live-bearing fishes and its thickly growing Egeria densa (often referred to as Elodea densa) is a good plant for beginners, and its rapid growth helps create a balance in the aquarium from the start.Stems grows fast to 40-100 cm and becomes 2-4 cm wide. The distance between the verticils is approximately the same along the whole stem, but it decreases towards the stem end and there is a ‘hat’ made of leaves there. Wilhelm Gerhard Walpers & Carl Müller 1848. Structural class. The leaves are linear with serrulate edges 1-4 cm long and 2-5 mm wide. Pronunciation of Egeria densa and its etymology. Later, it was moved to the genus Elodea where it remained for a long time, and even today this binomial, Elodea densa… Ecology. Yes, indeed it is. should be bright enough and a uniform one. In some experimental models, such as ozone stress in various trees, cold-hardening in S. cereale L. and abscisic acid treatment of Egeria densa, increased activity of PEPC and NADP-ME has been found [15,22,92]. Google Privacy Policy | Species Overview. with sufficient amount of organic substances in the tank. Egeria densa synonyms, Egeria densa pronunciation, Egeria densa translation, English dictionary definition of Egeria densa. Można ją spotkać także w południowych stanach USA oraz krajach Ameryki Środkowej. leaves serve as a perfect shelter for the fish juveniles. Egeria densa . Elodea Densa is also known as Egeria Densa and Anacharis and is native to areas of South America. unpretentiousness. Definition of egeria densa in the dictionary. Stems grows fast to 40-100 cm and becomes 2-4 cm wide. a rule you can see the plant in tanks of beginner aquarists. Stænglen bliver hurtigt 40-100 cm lang og 2-4 cm bred. The habitat is in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. When washing tanks it often gets into the open waters, where it quickly forms thick vegetation just of its kind. Due to the ability to grow very quickly and tightly fill the waters, Anacharis has got the name of a ‘ditch moss’. S.E. It can grow almost at any conditions at a wide temperature and hydrochemical parameters range. Notes on Taxonomy and Nomenclature Top of page The classification of this species as Egeria densa was established by Planchon in 1849 when he created the genus. 2 synonyms for Egeria densa: dense-leaved elodea, Elodea densa. Though, we should mention that the higher the water temperature is, the lower is the growth rate. Egeria densa is not native to Florida. plant can easily do without any additional fertilization provided Egeria helps preventing algae because it absorbs a great number of nutrients from the water. 28, 1503. His favorite aquariums are biotopes (Amazon River),  with Echinodorus and Angelfish. Information and translations of egeria densa in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Egeriaflowers are on short stalks, about an inch above the water. They can be up to three-quarters of an inch across. Gatunkiem typowym jest E. densa J. E. Planchon L., gatunek uprawiany jako roślina akwariowa.Rośliny z rodzaju Egeria są bylinami rosnącymi w wodach słodkich. Roślina ta wydziela antybiotyki które zapobiegają rozwojowi sinic. Species See text Egeria is a genus of three species of aquatic plants in the family Hydrocharitaceae described as a genus in 1849. native to warm-temperate South America. The lighting Egeria densa . State. A plant has a verticalized stem, up to 5 meters long and 1-3 mm thick; it is cylindrical, rectified or branched, with very short nodes. Egeria densa Roślina rośnie dość szybko, dobrze adoptuje się w środowisku podwodnym. aquarium equipment allowing to maintain stable water parameters was The leaves are gathered into verticils from 4 to 8 leaves in each (the bottom leaves are often opposite and there are 3 of them in a verticil). thing is, that this moisture may have a suppressing impact on growth The slender stems of Egeria are usually a foot or two long, but can be much longer. most crucial requirement that should be met for Anacharis to develop Anacharis Egeria occurs in streams, ponds, and lakes of Florida. Locations within which Egeria densa is naturalisedinclude North America, Europe, Japan and Australasia, Africa (Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda). In some areas when the plant gets into the natural bodies of water, it becomes an invasive plant species. This submersed plant is rooted, but pieces of it may be found drifting in the water. Flora category. volume. It can also create dense, floating mats along the water's surface. The plant can both float near the water surface and stick to the tank bottom. Egeria – rodzaj roślin wodnych z rodziny żabiściekowatych (Hydrocharitaceae).Wyróżnia się 3 gatunki pochodzące z Ameryki Południowej, obecnie naturalizowane na wszystkich kontynentach z wyjątkiem Antarktydy. South American waterweed . • EGERIA DENSA (noun) The noun EGERIA DENSA has 1 sense:. longifolia (1931) Philotria densa (Small, 1933) Udora densa (M.R.Almeida, 2009) References . Egeria occurs in streams, ponds, and lakes of Florida. This species has been reported in the following counties by the herbaria listed. Due to the ability to grow very quickly and tightly fill the waters, Anacharis has got the name of a ‘ditch moss’. © 2021 University of Florida / IFAS / Center for Aquatic & Invasive Plants Related words - Egeria densa synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms. Meaning of Egeria densa with illustrations and photos. Site Feedback, Line-drawing comparison of hydrilla, elodea, and common waterweed. Egeria densa Planchon 1849. Therefore, when trimming and supply and fertilizers and during the season it fills the whole It grows a long stem, which In internodes. 1. aquatic plant with deep green foliage useful to oxygenate an aquarium; sometimes placed in genus Egeria Familiarity information: EGERIA DENSA used as a noun is very rare. Egeria densa Brazilian elodea, a generally regulated Class B noxious weed, is a submerged freshwater perennial that forms dense stands in still and flowing waters up to 20 feet deep. Egeria densa. It is Philotria densa Philotria densa (Planchon) Small, Man. However, through the years he’s had experience of keeping almost all types of freshwater fish and shrimps. Egeria densa is a multi-year dioecious aquatic plant. Egeria densa, formerly known as Elodea densa and often referred to as simply ‘Elodea’, is an excellent hardy coolwater plant for beginners. It would be interesting to know if PPDK activity in these studies is also affected. Na tle innych odmian Egeria densa, to roślina dobrze natleniająca wodę. century when there were just early days of aquarium hobby and any Egeria is a good plant for beginners, and its rapid growth helps create a balance in the aquarium from the start. The leaf margins have very fine saw teeth that require a magnifying lens to see. Egeria densa may be confused withHydrilla verticillata or Elodea canadensis. provided with favorable conditions can become up to 2 m long and completely absent, Anacharis was a very popular plant, due to its Dark green colored leaves and stems give Egeria densa … Anacharis densa (Vict., 1931) Elodea canadensis var. If you’ve decided to cultivate the plant, it is desirable that the spring is at least 20 cm long. Leaves occur in whorls of three to six, around the stem. Nowadays, the plant has widely spread over Eurasia, North America and Oceania. Definition of EGERIA DENSA in the dictionary. the 19th Meaning of EGERIA DENSA. Anacharis or Brazilian waterweed (Egeria densa, Anacharis is an outdated name of the genus, but in the USA and in Canada it is still used) is one of the oldest and the most renowned aquarium plants. mm thick; it is cylindrical, straight or branchy with very short After you put it into the substrate, it will strike thin white roots and stick to the bottom using them. They’re arranged in whorls (multiple leaves radiating from a single node) of four to six around the stem, and have very small “toothed” or serrated edges that require a magnifying glass to see. Egeria densa er en god og populær kosmopolitisk stængelplante. Example sentences containing Egeria densa What does EGERIA DENSA mean? Monocotyledonous Herbs. Commonly sold under the trade name of Anacharis, Egeria densa can tolerate a wide range of conditions in the aquarium making it ideal for all levels of aquatic enthusiasts. Therefore, this plant can be considered a perfect choice for beginner aquarists. Egeria densa is a good plant for beginner aquarists, besides its high growth rate it helps easily settle a biological balance in a new tank. The small leaves are strap-shaped, about an inch long, and one-quarter-inch wide. Egeria densa prefers fresh water basins with lentic or slowly flowing water. POCHODZENIE : Rozprzestrzeniona jest głównie w zbiornikach Argentyny jak i Paragwaju, Urugwaju, Brazylii. gigantea (1914) Elodea densa (Casp., 1857) Elodea densa var. An overview of the individual specimens are provided in the table that follows. The exotic Egeria is also known as Brazilian elodea. Egeria densa jest odpowiednią roślina dla początkujących a jej szybki wzrost pomaga uzyskać stabilizacje w zbiorniku już na starcie.Pomaga też zapobiegać glonom ponieważ absorbuje duże ilości związków mineralnych. is a plurannual dioecious aquatic plant. Anacharis actively absorbs saturated organic substances, which is the reason why it grows so actively. Egeria densa Planchon. It has also affected the status of certain threatened species. They grow to the surface of the water on long, very thin flower stalks. As for the Meaning of egeria densa. The only requirement you should meet is – to provide the tank with the plant with sufficient illumination level. Leaves are approximately one inch long and a quarter-inch wide. However, Egeria is Egeria; not Elodea, which is another plant altogether. In Anacharis
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