Pathoma is universally praised. A deck to learn pathology primarily based off of Pathoma with images form several different resources. It is also extremely overpriced compared to Pathoma website. ... (vs DKA) hyperosmotic non-ketotic coma. Create a study schedule that you all can stick with over time. NEG - nonenzymatic glycosylation of basement membrane ... salt and pepper chromatin are seen in this type of tumor. I used Anki Lightyear, Duke Pathoma and the Pepper Micro/Pharm decks during the year – although I never could keep up. UNC takes on the #1 Blue Devils in the Dean Dome in a 1998 classic -- one of the best performances ever by the Heels at home. I retagged many of Pathoma cards in Zanki by video. I recommend using the Zanki Neoplasia deck first and supplementing with the lolnotacop Ch. OMS 1 summer: Ran thru sketchy micro and pharm vids + annotated PDF of sketchy material Block 5 - learn the bugs and drugs from sketchy via Pepper anki decks Block 6 - Pathoma annotating and Duke's pathoma anki deck + USMLE Rx vids/q's and following with FA Block 7 - … Does anyone know of a compilation of Anki decks for all the Pathoma chapters? 3 Neoplasia deck by video. Study 19 Pathoma Vagina and vulva flashcards from Brianna W. on StudyBlue. Anki is a beast! Includes 30 minutes session where I explain how to use the schedule and setting up your anki. 1. The allure is obvious. 3 Neoplasia. You can get a 1 year access to all the videos and the book in hardcopy for only 99.95$ on!!! UWorld, First Aid, Pathoma. 07:00-11:00 – do 3-3.5 UWorld question sets followed by review and powerpoint creation. Your only job before MS3 is getting the best Step 1 score possible. Get Pathoma. Pathoma™ Free: Pathoma™ Pro: 218-page full-color Pathoma™ textbook: Choose from 3, 12 or 21-month access to online videos (35+ hours) covering the entire textbook: Trial access to 6 online videos: Study at your own pace: Available anywhere with high-speed internet access: 24/7 access to high-quality on-demand video Can I purchase the Pathoma™ text or videos separately? Pathoma Video Lectures Of pathology. Pro Account Dashboard Full access to all 35 hours of Pathoma videos. This schedule relies heavily on spaced repetition resources (Lightyear Inifinite Anki deck, Duke’s pathoma anki deck, Dorian anatomy deck). If so, Lightyear’s deck is the most appealing choice. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. It contains about 2000 cards, but only covers content from Dr. Husain Sattar’s video lecture series Pathoma. Finally, I used Pepper Pharm and Pepper Micro for Sketchy Pharm and Micro respectively. Now, the book was poor quality when I got it and that should have been a red flag, but I just thought that I got a bad book. As a result, Pathoma is a great complementary source to FA. I used Zanki for Pathoma and Adytumdweller’s Pixorize deck (massively helpful) for Pixorize. Pathoma does NOT sell their books/videos outside of their website. How I Study In Nursing School - TIPS & ADVICE (detailed) - Duration: 17:40. This copy does not come with Pathoma subscription access and has no affiliation with Pathoma! Fundamentals of Pathology is a unique 218-page text that combine Dr. Husain A. Sattar’s extensive teaching experience with his clear, principle-based, and engaging teaching style. Should I continue to do those reviews going into M3 year for Step II? I wish I could tell you I did x number of cards daily, but I was all over the place, some days hitting 0 cards, others hitting 900 cards. Now let me take a step back Credit to Pathoma video narrations.
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