Eugene Ng

Eugene is no doubt a strong fighter who is in Singapore National Sanshou team and the coach of SP's Sanda. He is the undisputed #1 Sanda fighter in Singapore. With 7 years of coaching experience, Eugene is a certified coach teaching Muay Thai in Fighter Fitness.

Kru Muay Thai Association certified Muay thai Trainer
World Muay thai Organisations (WMO) certified Muay thai Coach

2013- Present
-Sport award Honours for Wushu -Singapore Polytechnic
-Singapore Sanda Competition 60kg Champion
- Singapore Nationals Wushu and Sanshou Competition 60kg gold medal
-2nd Traditional Singapore International Wushu and Sanda Competition 60kg gold medal
- Represented Singapore in Asian Wushu Sanda competiton 2016 (TAIWAN)

-NROC Certified
-NCAP Certified
- Sport award Honours for Wushu -Singapore Polytechnic
-1st Singapore international Traditional Sanda Championship 60kg Bronze
Coaching Rich Franklin In Evolve MMA

-Attended Singapore St John Ambulance Bridge First Aid Course.
-Sport award Honours for Wushu -Singapore Polytechnic
-Singapore National Open Sanda Championship 60kg Gold
-Singapore National Sanda Championship 60kg Gold

-Singapore –Australia—Malaysia Friendly Sanshou Match 1st Place in 60kg Category
-Went Beijing Shichahai Sports Training Centre
-3rd World Junior Wushu Championship- 47 countries Participated

2009 -
-Singapore Wrestling Federation Friendly Match Silver 66kg

2008 -
National Wushu and Sanshou Championship 2nd Place in 60 kg Category ( Junior Category)

Well experienced in coaching in both English and mandarin (普通话)


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