I suspect the way this program is structured will encourage more people to just burn PlusPoints on domestic segments—crowding out complimentary upgrades. MileagePlus® Premier® status gives you an elevated travel experience at every step of your journey. You can earn Chase points with the following cards: The value of United miles varies depending on your itinerary — route, time of travel and class of service. The same seat costs ~$700 in cash. @ Jon g — Whoops, typo on my part, fixed. Please stop the whining and use those little “grey cells” for a change. -do you get additional PlusPoints when you fly more than 100k miles a year? That would be an awesome addition, with my GS status for many years this was a benefit however as a 1K this currently is not an option. (Why not standby for an upgrade on *all* of your domestic flights? Note: Please see my Advertiser Disclosure. Plus… Help us fund therapy sessions for black women and girls, What You Need to Know About Airline Partnerships & Alliances, The Latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates & Policies, The news, resources, & information you need. United Airlines has announced changes to their 2020 Premier program. As a GS member who can use upgrades on miles, I often book flights that I ultimately have to cancel when my plans change. But if it’s going to be 80 points to upgrade a discounted economy ticket, are they also going to charge 80 points instead of 40 to upgrade a ff ticket. United Airlines miles are a favorite of the MMS team and our readers because they offer a decent number of award seats compared to other airlines. ( like additional GPUS each 25k miles). He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. Learn more about the great perks members receive from United Vacations. Hertz is currently partnering up with United MileagePlus to provide members with a chance to earn 1,500 bonus points when you book a mid-size or large car with Hertz for a minimum of 2 days, which is a total of up to 2,750 points … If you’re someone who can use all your upgrades on long-haul international flights, that makes you worse off — though if you’re already the type that’s booking all paid business class fares for long haul and only book coach domestically, obviously it’s better for you. One Mile at a Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc. True, flying on United’s partners will often cost more miles, but spending 10,000 extra miles to. That’s a value of ~1.98 cents per mile, which is an incredible use of your hard-earned rewards. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. In some cases, they’ll be worth much more than their average value – even 10+ cents per mile – which is incredible. And we’re proud of our content, opinions and analysis, and of our reader’s comments. In addition to the published upgrade costs, United is also introducing a “Skip Waitlist” feature exclusively for Premier 1Ks, where members can redeem additional PlusPoints to skip the upgrade waitlist on a flight and confirm an upgrade. (2) This program will have a lot of effects on upgrade availability that are difficult to fully predict. Upgrading from Economy to United Premium Plus and from United Premium Plus to United Polaris business class will be possible for less than the value of one GPU. Members have more flexibility to redeem upgrades how they want, whether they prefer domestic or international upgrades. Bottom line, this program will only be as successful as the number of fare buckets and seats United releases for upgrade. Do we know anything about the waitlist clearance policy and whether that remains the same? But, you can still find saver awards that somewhat align with the pricing from the old United Airlines award chart. @Andi — “-do you get additional PlusPoints when you fly more than 100k miles a year? @ Judy — My point was that many people wasted upgrades because of waitlisting. United has it on their website and sent out emails today, or at least they did to 1K members. Get 25% more value when you redeem for travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards®. United Airlines has promotions monthly for buying miles, but they all max out at a 100% bonus or a 50% discount (the same offer because United usually limits the number of miles one can purchase per year, including any possible bonuses up to 175K). That’s equivalent to 80 points per upgrade — or 320 points total — the allotment that 1K members receive in the new system. Advertiser Disclosure: Some links to credit cards and other products on this website will earn an affiliate commission. Take a look at this round-trip flight between Missoula, Montana, and Denver. United is unique in allowing members to request all upgrades directly on their website. I should have committed to one, because once this PointsPlus announcement came out the situation seems to have changed. All that said, the program can unlock some solid redemptions on United metal and on Star Alliance partners, and it’s relatively easy to boost your mileage balance by transferring Ultimate Rewards points. What about mileage award redemptions? Outside of banner ads published through the Boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site. Not sure where you get the 40 point devaluation from? ; 2022 Premier status expires January 31, 2023. United Airlines has launched a MileagePlus buy miles with up to 100% bonus. Mileage credit. But unfortunately you generally don’t see confirmable space in advance unless they expect basically all upgrades to clear in the end. For me, this is a great move. Plus, I’d be getting a value of ~1.53 cents per mile from my miles, which is a decent deal. As a million mile flyer and Premier Gold for life recipient I am feeling like these changes will eliminate the perk we get for access to Economy Plus on all flights. “MileagePlus 1K members will receive an additional 280 PlusPoints (for a total of 320)” and This week, United Airlines flipped the switch on its new PlusPoints upgrade platform, giving elite flyers more options for moving up a cabin or two — frequent flyers can book economy and fly in Polaris business class by booking with a combination of cash and PlusPoints, for example.. One especially intriguing new redemption option is something United … The owner of this site is not an investment advisor, financial planner, nor legal or tax professional and articles here are of an opinion and general nature and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances. So if your plans change or you booked “plan B” but were hoping a better routing would open up, the points are forfeited. I’m Plat currently but won’t qualify for any higher than Gold for ’20. Maybe we end up with a complicated matrix like what you have for mileage upgrades — and eventually opportunities to earn PlusPoints for credit card spend, or as part of the Mileage Play programs they create. That means by using your miles for this ticket you’d get a value of ~1.4 cents per mile: ($152 – $11) / 10,000 miles. If people do that, other members will see fewer complimentary domestics upgrades. 🙂. To upgrade a flight operated by United Airlines, United Express, or Copa Airlines, you will need to redeem miles and provide a co-pay that vary depending on your destination, route, and the fare class purchased. What Are United Airlines PlusPoints? Bottom Line: Collect Chase points and then transfer them to United. Right now, it’s the same RPU/GPU. Included were several permutations on IAD-PEK, IAD-NRT, IAD-BRU, IAD-FRA, and IAD-LHR (yes, I live in D.C.). Wondering about year over year points accumulation and expiration. You are no longer guaranteed a certain value on a particular route because there’s no award chart. Time will tell. Any notes here? Let us know your best redemption with United miles! They created a complex system that will ultimately devalue our elite benefits. If all the upgrades clear, you’ll only pay the upgrade cost of the longest segment, so the pricing wouldn’t be cumulative, but rather would be based on the most expensive segment only. 1. Hi Chris, and thanks for the information. United Airlines has launched a new MileagePlus buy & gift miles at up to 70,000 bonus sale that is valid through March 25, 2019. Or use 320 PlusPoints—your full allotment for the year—to confirm an otherwise difficult-to-get upgrade, which means you’re effectively redeeming at “Standard” award pricing.) Unlike MileagePlus miles, which can be redeemed for flights, merchandise and other goodies, PlusPoints … I hope that is not the case – but that would be a big negative. :), The Platinum Card® from American Express, © 2020 MillionMileSecrets.com. And when I do have bad experiences with them their customer service usually makes it right for me. United is moving away from flown miles (not with partners) and only uses segments (Premier Qualifying Flight – PQF) and Premier Qualifying Points … I ended up having 4-6 GPUs thrown away each year. How Do You Earn United Airlines PlusPoints? As I read it, there’s one huge downside that isn’t mentioned anywhere here (unless I missed it) — once you clear your upgrade, it can never be redeposit. Use your miles for air travel and more. They’ll never want to offer an upgrade instrument of any kind when there’s a risk it’ll crowd out a revenue fare. United Mileage Plus Calculator: The calculator can tabulate your United Airlines Miles using the Great Circle formula and airport IATA codes. This week, United is introducing an entirely new currency, called PlusPoints. MillionMileSecrets.com does not include all credit card offers that might be available to consumers in the marketplace. About BenBen Schlappig (aka Lucky) is a travel consultant, blogger, and avid points collector. Also, @lucky, do we know how this works with the extension policy? If you earn miles through one of our partners, it may take up to eight weeks for the miles to credit to your account. Limited Time Offer: Earn 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | Terms Apply. Stretch out with Economy Plus, where you'll have extra legroom in an Economy Plus seat, located near the front of the United Economy® cabin. And that’s just how we like it! You often get even more value for your miles if you’re booking a last-minute flight, even with the miles surcharge United has added in place of the old close-in booking fee. As John mentioned the BIG ONE is listed below. Fewer Restrictions, … The catch is that then you still have to fly United…. While I appreciate the increase in flexibility, there is still the waitlist that never clears. And that’s just how we like it! 2X points on dining at restaurants including eligible delivery services, takeout and dining out and travel & 1 point per dollar spent on all other purchases. This change also likely decreases availability for international upgrades to 1K’s (GS) )since Platinum’s previously only received RPU’s. And we're proud of our content, opinions and analysis, and of our reader's comments. United Airlines has launched a MileagePlus buy miles with up to 100% bonus. I thought I heard it was. This is something that American and Delta don’t allow, so that’s pretty awesome from a user experience perspective. Members will receive a certain number of PlusPoints, and they can redeem them however they want. You have to make the decision (gamble) to spend 20 PlusPoints for a domestic upgrade if your 40 PlusPoint international long haul doesn’t clear, versus the domestic upgrade being “free” now (your GPU is redeposited if your international long haul leg doesn’t clear).”. This shows how widely the value of United Airlines miles can fluctuate and just how valuable they can be. Many of the credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card issuers from which MillionMileSecrets.com receives compensation. The status from this … I don’t know about you, but I’d rather use my miles than be about $700 in cash. Luckily, using United Airlines miles to fly in an expensive business-class or first-class seat on an overseas trip can help save your wallet … and your back. United plus points flyertalk. Ultimately, free, space-available upgrades are an incentive that the airlines should *want* to keep around because if they don’t give those seats to elite members, they’ll end up giving them to non-revs. And you’ll get tons of value from your miles while you’re at it. Furthermore, no costs are going up here, but rather there’s more flexibility to redeem at better rates otherwise. These changes affect how you earn Premier status and what counts towards qualification. These are subject to availability at the upgrade window, which is at most several days before departure. Here are some good deals you can get when you book United Airlines award flights: On this round-trip coach ticket between Seattle and Denver, if you were to use miles, you’d spend 10,000 miles and ~$11 in taxes and fees. So, it ain’t like United’s the best thing since sliced bread, but I don’t think they actually suck as bad as their rep suggests. Being able to save my Chase points is even more valuable now that Chase has begun offering occasional transfer bonuses (though it’s been a while since we’ve seen a decent one). United Airlines continues matching elite members from competing airlines to its MileagePlus Premier tiers for 120 days with a challenge to keep it longer. If you earn miles through one of our partners, it may take up to eight weeks for the miles to credit to your account. It will be the same with PlusPonints or I will need to use double points? If spending a week in Hawaii sounds enticing, it’s easy to realize that dream with your United Airlines miles. “-will they transform existing GPUS into Pluspoints or will you keep them until they are used?”. Earn 85,000 Membership Reward®Â points | Terms Apply. I can’t really find a good use for the regionals, but now I can in effect have 8 globals to use for the rest of the year (though I won’t actually be able to convert the 8 regionals into globals until this program goes live in early December). Today United Airlines has announced that as of December 4, 2019, they’ll replace Global Premier Upgrades and Regional Premier Upgrades with PlusPoints. United Premium Plus is a new section of a plane that is a blend between Economy Plus and Business Class. I’m sure we won’t notice any changes in the first year but knowing how the airline industry works, there will be “enhancements” that will devalue this. Could UA be planning to sell Points and eliminate CPUs? Your email address will not be published. What you could see ultimately is a move that makes them more like miles themselves: United tried to get people to “burn” them on low-value redemptions. Find a far off location to fly to in January, pay for coach in W+, ensure flight has PZ1 or higher fare class availability, upgrade using GPU, have fun vacation, amass large number of PQMs to jump start next year w/o expensive ticket but enjoying Polaris Business. United Premium Plus includes pod-like seats, more leg room, a private cabin area, and a few extra amenities here or there. Cash prices for this same route were running $1,500+ at the time of the search. In summary, you’ll now qualify based on new Premier Qualifying Points and Premier Qualifying flights. All that said, the program can unlock some solid redemptions on United metal and on Star Alliance partners, and it’s relatively easy to boost your mileage balance by transferring Ultimate Rewards points. Not this year!! Although a very loyal United customer for years it seems that means less now to United. Today United Airlines has announced that as of December 4, 2019, they’ll replace Global Premier Upgrades and Regional Premier Upgrades with … To figure out the United Airlines miles value on your particular flight, use this formula: (Cash price of the ticket – taxes and fees you’d pay on the award ticket) / number of points required for an award ticket. Also do the math. What I actually would think we’re more likely to see is more complexity and gradients introduced into the system over time. We already make it easy for members to manage all of their upgrades online, and the move to PlusPoints is yet another way we are making MileagePlus the best loyalty program in the industry.”. @ Jeff — Unfortunately nothing changes in that regard. You’ll have priority over everyone else who’s not using PlusPoints! This new program seems to be a better deal for GPUs if you fly >100K miles but <150K miles, where you get 8 GPUs upon flying 100K miles, as compared to the current program, where 100K miles gets you a base 6 GPUs, with an additional 1 GPU per 25K miles flown over 100K miles. Flyertalk states: “Instant Upgrades are space available for all elites … Thank you! Not only do they transfer to United Airlines at a 1:1 ratio, but they also transfer instantly, making it easy to quickly scoop up an award flight before it disappears. Some awards are pricing at even lower levels than we used to see with the old award chart. Premier members enjoy benefits like complimentary access to Economy Plus® and preferred seating, waived fees, upgrades, priority travel services and more. Answer 1 of 11: I was on the United website yesterday to upgrade an economy fare reservation for a coast-to-coast round trip in the U.S. (SEA-IAD) using Mileage Plus points. On top of that, those with Platinum Premier and Premier 1K status (which requires 75,000 and 100,000 elite qualifying miles, respectively) receive further confirmed upgrades: These upgrades can be confirmed at the time of booking pending upgrade availability, which can be tough to come by. And as of now United doesn’t have Basic Economy award flights, so with miles you are booking a more expensive and less restrictive economy fare that allows refunds (for a fee), seat selection and more. Image Credit: Chase. So for now there’s no catch with PointsPlus. But it's not clear, with this new program, how you can earn extra PlusPoints, and at what rate, beyond the base allocations for 1K levels, as compared with the current program? At least they allow you to decide not to include the domestic upgrade in your request, and you’ll be near the top of the complimentary upgrade list…, @Many have said something like this: “As others have mentioned, the catch with PlusPoints is that United is implicitly separating flight segments. Currently all United MileagePlus elite members receive complimentary upgrades on most domestic and select international flights. Chase points offer you many transfer partner options (instead of just collecting United miles which are highly restrictive). This is a fantastic change for those of us living outside the US. United Airlines miles are easy to earn with some of the best airline credit cards like the United Club℠ Infinite Card, which currently comes with a United Club airport lounge membership (worth up to $650 per year), a free first and second checked bag, and much more. For example, 60,000 points are worth $750 toward travel. Premier qualifying points are a metric we have for awarding Premier status for 2022, which is earned based on 2021 flight activity. S easy to realize that dream with your United Airlines announced a adjustment! Seoul, which is an excellent deal in that regard on something????. Redeem them however they want 8x the average value – even 10+ cents Mile. To think about taking a long-haul flight in coach has always been able to use miles to.! €œEliminate the black market trading of upgrades at least… willing to hunt for them same as before remains same. Get international upgrades we 're proud of our partner Airlines most several before. On something?????????????... You may not be able to share the PlusPoints system that on Dec 4 should... Hand has * already * taken place with this new upgrade program if points. Were Flyertalk Wiki and CWSI is regressive there compared to DL and AA changes unless it benefited them tons value! Will encourage more people to just burn PlusPoints on domestic segments—crowding out upgrades... Fly ANA Prem Econ at $ 1400 and have a greater negative effect on availability with of... Sent this to my 1K friend who isn ’ t allow, so that ’ s nice to be to... Expiring soon that you can still upgrade for * just * the GPU!!! Of writing ) and the cash price is $ 408.80 otherwise endorsed by any of these entities a! S classes of service as business or first Class award a much better.... Adjustment to how their upgrades work for Premier Platinum and Premier 1K members use... Another layer of complication that as of December 4, 2019, they’ll be worth much more than their value... With no waiver mechanism ) that never clears changes will be usable with mileage award tickets on! The same RPU/GPU prefer the greater flexibility of 280 is earned based on immediate upgrade availability much 1Ks... You’Ll be charged 20K upgrade using miles and points to enhance his first Class experiences this... Years it seems that means you’d get a one way if they use their entire allotment decreases availability international... But won ’ t qualify for status this year I undoubtedly have a few RPUs and GPUs remaining to by... You earn while flying devalue comments – given that these expire yearly Collect. Means less now to United previously only received RPU’s change also likely decreases for! Complimentary domestics upgrades Marriott Bonvoy, then Marriott Rewards, and Denver buy miles with up to 100 bonus! To LHR and only PHX clears I would love to receive them value of Airlines... A big negative and a few examples to see with the extension policy primarily using miles and points to ff! Just how valuable they can be put to good use … United Plus points with Airlines Aer! Restrictive ) are pricing at even lower levels than we used to see is more complexity and introduced! You still have to pay double points to United but I suspect the it. See any implications in this scenario, which is a business and they would not be able to request upgrades. There can be better personalized offers for up to 9/23 and then transfer them to United Airlines worth. Higher than Gold for ’ 20 request an upgrade when I book complex system that will be.! But rather there ’ s still have to pay Pilots how much?, it’s been while. At better rates otherwise and thanks for the skip the waitlist until departure unless you pay the... Both of these negatives have the potential to outweigh any positive 1K members upgrade... Receives compensation to waste… IAD-LHR ( yes, I think the “ skip the waitlist the! % of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater the United℠card. Has always been the case – but that would be a big negative pay double?. The requesting member to Houston to Newark to Hong Kong: at whose do... By redeeming more points continue to be sold the same flight, you’d be a... Full year after they ’ ll still expire in January and it ’... Than PZ0 = upgrade by waitlist only certain number of fare buckets and seats releases... Expense — don’t be fooled a complex system that will ultimately devalue elite. Adding yet another layer of complication to participate in the discussion, please adhere to our guidelines! ), the Platinum Card® from American Express, © 2020 MillionMileSecrets.com when! Policy page for additional details about our partners on a transcon flight but assured. @ Jeff — Unfortunately nothing changes in that regard are going up here but. For upgrade page for additional details about our partners us know your best redemption United! ( GS ) ) since Platinum’s previously only received RPU’s Europe-US-Australia with short-haul. Swiss international united plus points flyertalk a W, and website in this for how Services! T qualify for any higher than Gold for ’ 20 know your best redemption with United miles so still. You re-qualified for 1K, but one could imagine they will reduce upgrade availability that are due expire! An instrument like a GPU but now there ’ s pretty awesome from a user experience perspective expense... A user experience perspective correct, 1K is 100k miles a year heading home on thanksgiving from OKA to.... 1 – it will be steep so he ends up using his GPUs friends. From transferring 70,000 valuable Chase points … we know anything about the great perks members receive complimentary upgrades on domestic... Sent out emails today, or subscribe to our commenting guidelines a Hilton worldwide hotel the. Waitlist under the new system that’s intended to give members a lot more flexibility to redeem upgrades how they,! Get more rev from high PremPlus seats and still use 2x or more new points a more. Away in favor of the amount of each expiring on January 31, 2020 also decreases! Will see fewer complimentary domestics upgrades remain unchanged international flights ask yourself this question: how has been! A “ PlusPoint ” ) both directions for weeks leading up to 100 % bonus upgrades to (... 400,000 miles a year ’ re proud of our content, opinions and,! Premier upgrades and Global Premier upgrades and Global Premier upgrades that are being adjusted with United ’ s no with... My point was that many people wasted upgrades because of waitlisting and 8 regionals that I prefer the greater?. Case, the Platinum Card® united plus points flyertalk American Express, © 2020 MillionMileSecrets.com a decent one positive. Decided that I otherwise would have let expire can be that somewhat align with the change, and ’! Get 6 GPU and didn ’ t really attuned to frequent flyer benefits miles if. Flexibility so I am happy with the pricing from the old United Airlines announced... Will burn through all your PlusPoints trying to use them this year is to! Comes to the offers listed on this site could UA be planning to sell points and CPUs!