New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the techsupport community, Stumped on a Tech problem? A hard drive not showing up is one of the most frequent issues that users encounter and it is frustrating. However, it is not showing up in the Disk Management or File Explorer in Windows 10. A couple of users encountering this particular … Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing in Disk Management Visit the Device Manager application & by using properties page, uninstall your external hard drive. Now, remove your external hard drive from your Windows system. Fix "Hard Drive Disappeared/Not Showing up" in Disk Management. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,, I have Windows 10, my HDD is a Seagate 1TB SATA 3.5 inch drive and the motherboard is a Gigabyte z170 HD3P. unfortunately I could not solve my problem so far. Checking it would be the best option you should give a thought to., Press J to jump to the feed. The link to [this one] ( sums up everything I've tried. I tried plugging in the hard drive into another PC , and again it show up in device manager (green) but not in disk management (blue). Here, I’ll list … unplug and replug cables and restart windwos. One is already discussed, which in File Explorer, and the other one is the disk management. Click start and type "disk management" and press enter. A drive letter is a single alphabetic character A through Z that has been … → External hard drive not showing up in File Explorer but in Disk Management Press “ Windows ”+ “ R ”, type “diskmgmt.msc” and hit “ Enter ”, you will access Disk Management interface. Thanks” Assuming that the hard drive is installed properly, and is not, (by some horrible dumb luck) defective out of the gate, bringing it online is a very simple process. Well, different situations caused by different reasons. Everything is connected fine and the hard drive is showing up in the BIOS just fine. I appreciate any and all help even if you don't have an answer. Hard drive not showing up in Windows? Here is what I have tried so far: unplug and replug cables and restart windwos. Solution 1. Ran WD Diagnositcs - healthy drive... then I found your thread. After Seagate external hard drive recovery, you can then reformat and partition the disk to initialize the disk and make it show up in your computer without losing data. Step 1. I just built a new pc and bought a 1 tb hard drive to go with it, I aready ha an ssd. Any thoughts on what might cause this or how to fix it? Situation 2. Try doing this to check: hit winkey+r, then type dispart and hit ok. A command prompt window should open. Be sure to check out the Discord server, too! I am currently using a crucial MX300 275GB SSD that works perfectly as a boot drive. I see my new hard drive in device manager listed as a disk drive. Bet when I download games it downloads on my 129GB m.2. Fix WD external hard drive not working/responding issue 2. Im still fairly new to pc building so im not sure what to do about in. Can you see it from Diskpart? Fix 3. It also shows up in Control Panel>System and security>Storage pools, I didn't want to make the title too long. The hard drive shows up in Win10 Disk Management, but as "Not Initialized". Second hard drive not showing up in Disk Management.