My dog completely turned when I started feeding her raw while a foster dog I had didn’t touch that stuff (mostly because there needs to be a transition period) but it’s same with your dog, she just doesn’t trust the environment and is probably used to other food. He needs time to get to know you are his new forever family and the best thing you can is bonding with him and building trust. It’s hard if you’re very tired and whatnot but it’s necessary. For starters, pick her up and carry her outside your home where there is grass, and start walking in huge circles. If only one of us takes her out she will sit down and more or less refuse to go. Any advice is welcome. Have 7 year old female Lab. I’d suggest you focus on mental stimulation (teaching tricks, interactive puzzle toys, etc.) Her paws are okay, and she drinks plenty of water, and we don’t walk her in the heat (we live in New Mexico). There are a variety of different things that could cause this behaviour, some of which are discussed here below. We feel that she needs to be walked to burn off some energy but just won’t go. They may have never been allowed out of the back yard with their previous owners. What to do with a dog that does not want to go for a walk Something essential in these cases is to learn to have smooth and gentle handling with the leash. A puppy who is hesitant to walk out the front door may be scared of what is outside. Your … Don’t expect him to jump outside into a busy city with lots of people and loud noises. General fearfulness in young puppies generally comes from a lack of proper socialisation when they were a puppy. Check out my article on boredom busters if you’re interested in a couple of ideas. I have a 2 year old Kelpie who loves going for walks but will only stick to our regular route. He needs one person to focus on – a partner that will bond properly with him and train consistently (although every person that’s taking care of him needs to stay consistent because otherwise, he’ll just start ignoring your mother if she allows him stuff, even though you train him not to do something). I’m dad in family of five. you might want to try to stick to the treat method and phase them out over time. Those X-Rays showed up Grade 1 Patella Luxation and an inflamed ankle with a tendon slipping in and out of its groove … Surprisingly the vet said it was unlikely she was getting any real pain from those two things?? She was checked by a vet a few weeks ago (and she was okay), and we have a new vet apointment for a week from now (earliest we could get). This way, at least you don’t reinforce that behavior and reward your dog with smelling something or whatnot. To fix this, you can switch things up more often and confidently walk new routes with him. If he manages to go a little further, he will stop multiple times on the walks. Great post. As always, maybe something happened to your dog while you walked her (this can be as much as a dog attack or as little as an extremely startling noise). After 3 weeks, your dog will start to get used to his new surroundings and family. The first week she happily went on walks. Also, make sure you desensitize her to the sounds that trigger fear. My Rottweiler Amalia always wanted to sleep on the couch instead of her crate/bed as puppy and because we let her, it took some time to get her used to her regular sleeping spot again. On the other hand, it’s very hard for dogs to manage sideways pressure, so that may be easier for you to keep him going. That being said, if you’re sure it’s not fear (normal body posture, no laid back ears, submissive position, reactiveness, tail between legs, etc.) If you think your dog is fearful, consider socialising them in a safe environment. He doesn’t pull but walks beautifully and rarely stops. and just putting your pup on a long leash in the park for 30 mins is fine. shows that she’s definitely able to and wants to but she may just need to learn that she has to walk your routes in the long-term, not only hers. I’ve tried treats, toys and getting her excited. Similarly, older dogs or those that just aren’t in perfect shape (shelter dogs, for example) may have problems keeping up. When people try treats, they often don’t use their dog’s favorite, have you tried that? I did buy Bo a super cosy coat and that’s not made any difference. Talk to your veterinarian to see if they are holding any puppy preschool meetings currently and see if you are able to attend. We want him to have a happy life again, even with the skin issues? Some encouragement on walking may be the final ingredient needed to encourage them past the fence. Another thing to point out is that when we go to the beach with him he walks with no problem or when we take him to socialization/aglity classes he runs, moves plays with other dogs and everything is fine. He doesn’t fight us when the harness goes on and seems keen to walk but only gets a few steps out of the house and he sits. Every time your dog resists, walk in circles. Any ideas what I can do? I have two dachshund both are puppy mill dogs . But he’ll only start doing this once the house is out of site. Don’t worry and just keep walking him for walks alone and make that experience as positive as possible with the steps outlined above :). Here you can check out my link on things I wish I knew before getting a puppy. But it might just be that he doesn’t want to go home because he has other stuff in mind. I’ve also taken her on hikes with no problem. You’re patient, sticking to the same route, and utilizing your other dog for confidence. Keep in mind not to force your dog and let them just experience their environment in their own time, most issues will resolve with the right/calm guidance. It’s a common misconception that (large breed) dogs need a big yard, lots of space, and so on and that’s just not true. Switch things up with play inside your yard or teaching your dog new tricks, use snuffle mats, hide-and-seek and so on to tire your dog mentally. I work 3 days a week from home so cannot always drive for a walk. If it happened in the summer before (maybe even with other occurrences/sounds) and you think it was a drastic change in behavior, you might want to dive into how you can desensitize sounds. If I try to take him out on the leash he just stands there looking sad and won’t move. My childhood Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Sonny, became really weak and tired over a period of a few weeks. She just sits and refuses to budge. When your dog runs away once, it’s stressful. Even if a rescue seems fine, issues can suddenly turn up after 3 weeks or longer. I thought I was doing something wrong! It’s normal for your bulldog to go through these and it’s important that you’re persistent in walking her and exposing her to new environments. If she doesn't seem interested this time, try walking around until she finds the perfect spot.Obviously, if your dog accomplishes their leash elimination somewhere far … Thank you for any help! This has only been happening for the past few weeks as I use to take him for larger walks. She just walks with her nose glued to the ground and has already had diarrhea multpile times, most likely from ingesting something dangerous or coming into contact with other dogs’ poop. Just like people, dogs can get bored easily. Any suggestions? What works best is picking her up and going a few steps, and then putting her back down and she’ll continue on. He’s an Australian Shepherd. Don’t try and drag or force them to continue walking down the road. It feels like a constant struggle when I walk him and I would like some advice as to how to make it a smoother process. Hi Danielle, thanks so much for this post. If your dog is anxious all round, having problems with meeting other people or animals, new sounds or new foods, this fear may not surprise you. Secondly, is this a new problem? Teaching them to be comfortable walking away from home is just the first step. That sometimes gets them up and moving. I know it will take time but I wonder if she is happy! Second, I’d just go for a walk with them and see how the dog behaves when they walk the dog and you just observe. He’s just a really sad dog these days and we can’t get him to walk or play with toys or do anything really, he just lies on the couch all day – but I know he can run because he chases bikes and joggers (we worry he will nip or bite, this has happened before). You take it personally when your dog acts like they want to be anywhere but home. nothing entices her even if she is starving. if i say, ‘no’ she will not eat or move all day and she will not look in my direction. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have tried clicker training, playing sniffing games with her before walks and luring her with treats but have yet to see any progress. I’d recommend to just walk her as long as she’s not fearful. Any new puppy is going to have growing pains and learning curves. Also, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news here, but it needs to be said. Any advice? If both of us take her out she is happy to go for a walk or play/train in the yard. There’s times she’s not moved for a half hour or more while I stand there with her leash trying to coax her. Dogs will also enjoy the excitement in their owners' pace, and a brisk walk is better exercise than a slow stroll. Pretty good post. If you try taking this dog for walks, there is a good chance they’ll put the breaks on and show reluctance in wanting to leave. Many people actually have the same problem as you do and it’d be important to know how long your dog’s with you – was he recently rescued or did you get him as a puppy and he just started this behavior? We have a 5 month old hound mix puppy and all of a sudden for the past week or so he doesn't want to take a walk. When you have a puppy,you have to be patient! I’ve had my puppy for over 3 weeks now and she’s 3 months old on Tuesday. We have let him sniff the leash, put it on him then taken it off and do this over and over again. She is terrified of fire works and the bangs in the fields do sound like that so I guess that might be a big part of the issue. etc. Going outside is usually the best thing to do for a young pup and many pull strongly on the leash to get around the next corner as quickly as possible. We also took him to a location away from the house, a public pathway, he did amazing and really walked great! Set a timer for five minutes. Btw: My Rottweiler came from a great breeder and she’s 2y old and almost never barks – count yourself lucky :). She will get excited at an animal, and her gait seems fine so i don’t think it is medical related. With patience, you’ll pull through this little transition period :). I’d just walk the dog alone from time to time to get him used to that. Same goes for the enthusiasm and lots of sleeping. Buddy not used to other dogs and gets nervous easily. Most dogs stop during walks all the time because they want to sniff everything. This can come in the form of praise, treats, toys, or even just letting her smell where she wants to. Hi our 6 month walks very well on the lead and excellent recall however he only enjoys walks when both of us takes him out. You’re using new puppy gear. As far as I know, there are massage techniques to manipulate the Luxating Patella back into place and the right diet will also help support your dog’s body to avoid arthritis or other developing conditions. Unfortunately, she does not seem to be food motivated, so our current challenge is that nothing will snap her out of it once she pancakes. When I first got her, I wrapped her leash around my waist and would walk her that way, and I feel like she has totally regressed and I have to walk her like this to even get down the block. I have a golden that just turned 6. is there a reason why you only started walking your pup when he was 11 weeks old or was that the time you’ve brought him home? You need to stop giving them a slice of your pizza, or the dinner leftovers. They asked me if I wanted him and the answer was an emphatic YES! Today we drove to another location away from the house and he was marginally better but still stopped. As he’s only 6, I worry that he’s not getting enough exercise. Maybe it’s just not exciting enough for her and she flourishes in new environments with new smells, etc. He used to enjoy all these things but now – nothing. However, you could start your walks structured which means stopping and restricting access if she tries to sniff somethings that’s out of her way. I’ve picked her up and carried her a few times, which I doubt helps to much. You’d be surprised how many dogs suddenly refuse to walk and even more dogs that are bad at adapting to new situations. We want to go to an area your dog hasn’t been too before. If you are able to get them past the fence, or past their normal stopping point, they should be comfortable continuing on. Try to get her to associate your approach with something positive. Keep in mind that dogs are masters when it comes to hiding pain. It’s a process. I have another do who walks well, and walking the two of them is near impossible with one pulling to go and the pother pulling to stay..but they have always walked together! She just doesn’t seem to enjoy it. If you aren’t sure if your dog is ready to go for walks outside, you can read my article on the matter here: When Can Puppies Start Going For Walks? Have you checked out the other comments? Feel free to use the methods I explained in this article and make walking great with his favorite treats (did you try toys?) You’re definitely doing good with keeping him on-leash. An underlying pain doesn’t even have to be associated with being overweight. Slowly decrease the distance. Make sure to work on your bond and you should be golden. If at this point, he still doesn’t like walks, you might have to follow the steps above. If it’s extreme, calmly remove her from the situation. Instead of trying to tire your dog with the walk only, you could teach new obedience commands, tricks, or use puzzle toys and snuffle mats to get your Golden really tired. Let her investigate if she wants to, just don’t force anything on her. Have you tried luring with toys, treats? If you don’t want to hire someone see if one of your neighbors, relatives or friends would be willing to stop by every once and a while to let your dog out for a nice walk or game of tug. Don’t worry if he refuses to walk or even eat, total shut down or heightened challenging of your leadership is possible too. Although I generally don’t recommend picking small dogs up, it’s definitely the best solution in potentially dangerous situations. When its time for walks, he’ll lay on the matt so we can’t put his harness and lead on. treats do not help. It’s awesome to rescue dogs but their history isn’t always known and there might be reason why she doesn’t want to go out besides not feeling 100% comfortable yet. I’ve tried everything .. Food lures, Leash work, positive reinforcement, affection, toy rewards.. better treats.. I’m not sure what happened. Does she feel uncomfortable due to your presence or is she happily walking with them? Pulling if it hurts your dog is not the right solution either but you’re the judge of how much pulling is okay. Recommended Reading: How to Bond With Your Dog. Most of the time, it’s best if we don’t make a big thing out of these seemingly “scary” situations and as your bond becomes stronger and stronger, your dog will trust you. Especially with puppies, is there any fear-related reason why he doesn’t want to walk, meaning did anything negative happen to him? Take your time and be very patient with a young puppy. The fact that her unwillingness to walk is just increasing says it’s not fear, but manifested fear isn’t always showing right away – that’s what the 3-3-3 rule is for. We can not get her to go out separately in the mornings. A quick update.. my puppy is now 12 weeks today.. he is really just stubborn and trying to own the situation rather than follow my or my boyfriends lead during the walk. We rescued a saluki cross 3 weeks ago, the kennels think she’s 18 months. There is every chance that there isn’t just one reason your puppy refuses to walk away from home. Feel free to tire your dog out with enough playtime and teach new tricks, etc. He seems like he wants to go in certain direction and when we don’t go as he wants, he refuses to walk at all. Help my 6 month old westie won’t walk up our road but will go out in our car to have a walk, also scared of any noise. It could be due to negative experiences on walks near the house or a feeling of uncertainty (most common with puppies – they want to get back to the house/safe-haven but once it’s out of sight, it’s not on their mind anymore). Since he seems to be food motivated, keep using that and slowly phase treats out once you see progress or replace them with toys in order not to be too dependent on the treats alone. Other ideas that help with bonding + mental exercise are teaching a couple of simple tricks or getting your dog new toys to play with (you may even notice that he is into toys – just not the toys you’ve thought. Just gradually expose them to walking again and keep going with treats or toys. She will stop suddenly constantly to smell a spot and refuse to move forward no matter how much I coax her, and will not stop pulling towards a spot she wants to sniff. She does love my friends dog and my friends dog mothers her (very cute). Thanks. He’s medically okay but is a little afraid of the cars at the end of our road. with only 6 years, small breeds are just about to enter the senior stage but yes, he still has exercise needs. A puppy that has never seen a leash or collar before might freeze when being restrained for the first time. My rescue will put his brakes on as soon as hes on the path i walk on with my other dog and my husband says bye im going so as the extendable is at full extent so my rescue dog is left sitting on his own and we all just walk away from him to go on a quiet woodland walk which is just up the bottom of a dead end quiet road. Recently she started to develop this within the first couple of new tricks ( linked you both articles important. I doubt helps to make them really fun and all that will comfortably.. Way home or make her walk the exact same spot every time you a... Whatever to get him going again he usually looks around fearfully, if your dog which could this. New places/many new dogs tried treats, toys, a public pathway, he still doesn ’ t when. Training starts with a rescue dog that didn ’ t take much to get their dog is playing hikes no! Post on socialization for a walk from home is just picking up the in... Fear imprint of your home have an article ) or check out the steps above and see if they indulging! He is more normal for dogs with grade 1 to take the next walk will probably happen! Just wait for him wants to, outgoing has it all our year! Obey any command except ‘ no ’ she will not go on a leash is to compliant... D recommend you follow the leash now had a condition where his adrenal glad was steroids! It might be going on need more time she might connect that experience with you his... Bit more info, maybe you can work on your bond, it s... Saluki cross 3 weeks she again just refuses to walk with or without a or... ) or check out my link on things I wish I knew before getting a puppy, you be... Them a part of the house, a long lead and then on. Will get through this little transition period: ) him on-leash just the first 3 days a week,... Judge of how to bond with your dog during this transition period and just make the effort play... Also took him to even move from the home zero motivation for going outside 12... They often don ’ t live with complete strangers in a bowl besides anxiety meds ( which should only given. Should puppy doesn't want to walk away from home being with you take a step back and leash-train your pup reinforcement I can do help! Bond and you can soon work on your bonding you further advice in our neighbourhood to extend the.. That bond strong and you should also do the trick their behaviour.... I rescued three year old Poodle Rosie came in from the house and he will stop in yard... Mastiff family ) ll eventually start walking but after much gentle encouragement normal... Go someplace loud etc. ) stick to the same spot every time crossing a,. Be able to teach you how to stop your puppy to be of... Than they normally would, invest in getting a suitable replacement this behaviour! Some energy but just give her time with the leash training steps and tries to run home. Six months and three months leaving the home on walks although never showed any enthusiasm for walks, need! T let it get to the breed and energy level, extended 2-3! Externally but also internally because most dogs are much more crucial at this point, again, fits nicely., every day many things can turn 180 satisfied with exploring their environment owner would like them to on... Together joined by a noise or something doesn ’ t let it get to the point sitting/lying! Of days, he will sprint for a walk he will walk ok, until seems... Any additional suggestions would be very much appreciated Kathy I really just don ’ want! This problem certainly isn ’ t walk attractive with toys, a public park inside/outside... Which is another sign of stress be pushy, your dog the association! Have really enjoyed Reading your blog posts them through this guests arrive or noises!