The wingspan was also made bigger. No 737-100s are still being used by airlines. The -200 was finished on June 29, 1967. The 737 is the best-selling jet airliner in history. In 1970, Boeing only got 37 orders for 737s. Its pilot was Jim McRoberts. However, the 737 has become a family of nine different models. Ryanair now offers Premium seats in rows 1-5, 16, 17, 32, and 33. Our Boeing 737-200 aircraft can accommodate up to 119 passengers in a full passenger configuration. At first, Boeing was making it to be a shorter, cheaper airliner than its 707 and 727. Only 30 -100s were ever made.[19]. The CFM56-7 engine on the 737 Next Generation burns even less fuel than the engines on the 737 Classics. The tyres can be seen easily when a 737 is taking off or is flying low-down. They said they would decide in 2011. ", "Airbus 320 Aircraft History, Information, Pictures and Facts.". The Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will have CFM International LEAP-1B engines. This other plane was called the 737-200. If the customer likes, Boeing will install eyebrow windows for them. The Airbus A320 family has sold more planes than the 737NG over the past ten years. On average, there are always 1,250 737s flying. ", "Continental Airlines Is First North American Carrier to Fly With Boeing's New Sky Interior. [9] Boeing did a lot of research and found that airlines wanted an airliner which could hold 50 to 60 passengers. [45][46][47][48][49][50], Since 2006, Boeing has been thinking about replacing the 737 with a completely new design. The multiple configurations of the Boeing 737-200 offer you maximum flexibility, allowing to carry up to 120 passengers and up to 30500 pounds of cargo. [82] Boeing launched the 737-700ER on January 30, 2006. [67] The Sky Interior is also designed to make the cabin less noisy by 2–4 dB. These are made by Messier-Bugatti. [1][73], The 737-400 brought into service in 1985. Parties of 3 or more can book adjacent seats together. The Boeing 737-800 is together with the 737-600, 737-700 and 737 … In 2011, Boeing said that it was working on the 737 MAX program. [35] Boeing said that the 737 Next Generation (NG) program had begun on November 17, 1993. Since entering service in 1968, the 737 has carried over 12 billion passengers over 120 billion km (65 billion nm), and has accumulated more than 296 million hours in the air. The first 737-400s were brought into service in 1988 with Piedmont. The 737-400 has had a wide popularity amongst markets regardless of its Airbus competitors. [7], As of July 2010, 383 Boeing 737-200s are still being used by airlines.[91]. ", "Mindful of rivals, Boeing keeps tinkering with its 737. Ryanair Orders 75 More Boeing 737 MAX Jets. The Boeing 737 is a short-range to medium-range twinjet narrow-body airliner. This change meant that the -400 could carry 170 passengers. The tabs are controlled by the yoke (the thing used to steer the plane). [7], Boeing was looking at designs for aircraft which flew short distances. Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Ryanair announced today that Europe's largest airline is placing a firm order for 75 additional 737 MAX airplanes, increasing its order book to 210 jets. [64] If 700 pounds of weight is taken off a Boeing 737-800, it burns 0.5% less fuel. First delivery, to United, was that December. However, airlines could choose not to have these in their planes. The 737-200 first flew on August 8, 1967. In 1991, Boeing started working on an updated group of 737s. They were removed from the 737 cockpit in 2004. Boeing and Ryanair announced today that Europe’s largest airline is placing a firm order for 75 additional 737 MAX aeroplanes, increasing its order book to 210 jets.