If you're really active and have the time and energy to work on training everyday, then an aussie is definitely a good dog for you. Work on this over and over and over. The dog breed originated during the late 1960s in California when they were crossed with smaller, unregistered dogs thought to be Australian Shepherds. Aussies get bored quick and are more prone to acting out when they're bored (tearing up tissues is Aussie code for: You're not paying attention to me and I want to play!). We just rescued a mini tri from an aussie rescue group this past Saturday. I find that Indie mostly partakes in obsessive behavior when he is tired and needs a nap. You Before I die I wanna taste everyone in the world. Working lines (as opposed to show lines) are bred for having a very strong mind and strong herding instincts — neither trait is well-suited for the average family home. I am thinking of easing her into adult food. Basically, don't push them too hard, but if you're worried go check with your vet :). The Aussies that I have met (mini and otherwise) seem to vary a lot in texture, thickness, and waviness of coats, with the merles seeming to exhibit the most wave. They enjoy a challenge, they love figuring things out; success in solving a problem is a reward unto itself. You have to put her to work right away and don't hope for retirement any time soon. presence of these puppies! Scream a really shrill "YIPES" as soon as she bites you (or anytime she puts her mouth on you period). They’re just as great as full sized Australian Shepherds with a lot less dog. Jan 28, 2019 - Time to full size/weight: 1-1.5 yrs...although they continue filling out up to 2.5 years. She is very active and loves to chase and trying to herd us. They are hardworking to their core and belong to the Herding Group. Exercise Needs. Your Females stand between 13 … The driving force behind the development of the Australian shepherd was the need for intelligent dogs that could out-think livestock, with the stamina to work the herd all day. She had all the instincts of an aussie - herder, loyal, loving, and somewhat hyper. This blog has really helped. We are proud to say our family has been involved with breeding and raising Australian Shepherds since 1972. I'm just starting my search and want to find the best! Cow /Calf Operation. Many owners are aware of that, but many also believe that physical activity is enough. see what you are doing and they will not hesitate to go in to I've read your blog and am thrilled to find someone that may be able to help me. My mini is insanely active (he just turned 1 year old a week ago) and he barely eats -never been a big eater really. in an extreme way, but they will try to do things their way until you Crating an aussie can turn them into neurotic dogs that are fearful of everything. Many homes provide massive amounts of physical activity but not much mental stimulation, and this can cause trouble. Looking forward to sharing more in the future. With my husband and I busy raising/ homeschooling our young kids, Bryson 7, Clara 5 and Ethan 1 1/2 yrs old, I have decided to just raise aussiedoodles, but my mom, Joyce is still very actively raising purebred mini Aussies on their farm just down the road, and they got bit by the doodle bug too, so they occasionally have a few litters of aussiedoodles throughout the year! Aussie coats offer different looks, including merle (a mottled pattern with contrasting shades of blue or red). They are well loved and raised to be well tempered! I am an avid runner and horseback rider. My husband and I laughed when I read him parts of your games and toys page. I know it's hard because you feel like none of them are working, so how to pick one? Believe me I know. Or, if they find a small hole in the carpet or wood floor, working to exploit that tiny hole by licking, pawing, and biting at it. If you live on a farm and ride horses, you could probably get a full size Aussie, but it's up to you. bringing things to the stairs and watching them roll down then chasing Mini aussies intelligent versatile dogs well c growth standard charts for monitoring bodyweight in dogs of find out your puppy s weight chart miniature australian shepherd australian shepherd puppy size chart goldenacresdogs growth stages of the toy aussie mini australian shepherd raising a mini aussie how long does it take to be full. And he has really perked up since their arrival. Hence, the clever Aussie has a reputation for being determined, bossy, and active. Our dogs have been … It's not. When you say COME and he does, immediately give him the treat or toy as a reward, whatever he likes. Molly has marbled eyes, is 3 yrs old and right now, very shy and timid. He's got loads of energy so we decided to get his mind working. I know he still misses his Tucker, but now he's the big brother for once. Click here and Check me out i am getting naked here ;). If you live on a farm and ride horses, you could probably get a full size Aussie, but it's up to you. Roogie just started getting kleenex out of the waste basket and ripping them up too. Although I have been actively participating in the betterment of this breed since I was very young, my daughter and I recently … We're looking at this breeder now in NC who sells minis and keeps their tails, which we find so amazing and we live 30 mins away so we can see them! Anyways, my dog was picky about treats as well. They are the same height but drastically different in stature. But she does bark and it is a somewhat emergency bark which I continue to praise her for. Table of Contents. it. Runs faster and turns quicker than Patches. Aussies are usually not the best running partners unless you run in a place where they can … You have to stay on your toes to Aussies protect by being out doesn't mean they will kill your cat (but they could if they had no training early on). They make excellent watchdogs and companions, and are devoted family dogs. Hopefully he'll warm up! Used cat box for a while which was a life saver. Try the following:1) Cheese2) Cut up hot dog3) Zukes mini naturals4) Natural Balance logs5) Peanut butter on your finger Training my dog was easy because I watched a lot of youtube videos and read books and Indie is a very quick and eager study. Monkey see monkey do. Try running around the yard and see if he'll chase you, or maybe a toy, while he's wearing his leash.4) It sounds like you have a shy dog. Also, they are stubborn as hell and they are not easily deterred by things that would work on other dogs in short order which is why we need to keep reprimanding them over and over until it sinks in! What it means is that they will For the week or two, don't worry too much about training and focus more on socializing and bonding. To answer your questions/offer advice:1) No, my dog is NOT shy at all. How did you work with your skittish dog? Let me ask you a question, did you meet all the puppies in the litter before picking out Milo? We are a hobby breeder dedicated to breeding, raising, and showing exceptional top quality purebred AKC & ASDR Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds. That's a tough one to work on because it's so natural for dogs to bark as a way of communicating! Quite the contrary, too much physical activity often leads to a perman… We have been making families happy for 10 years now. We lost our "pound puppy" at 14 1/2 years back in June. I've owned and raised Australian Shepherds since the early 1990's. One of my bff's has a standard Aussie and hers does this too. Okay about locking your aussie in a crate while you're at work: Please don't do that. Another thing to consider is that some dog foods pack more calories in per kibble so you need to look at the kcal/cup, maybe that's why it's less? We love them to the moon and back, but you are right, it's not easy!! I wanted to ask if you have any advice on games and/or tasks that your pups specifically liked at this age. There is a video of me training Indie when he's puppy there.Walking on a leash: If he won't walk on a leash then you need to attach a leash to him in the house or out in the yard. I wanted to know if you or anyone has any thoughts on how big she’ll be. in sight of you, follow you around. Popularity: #17. Hi Luci! I've tried yerking her chain, water sprays or will stop walking until she stops nipping. Welcome to our page, West Coast Mini Aussies!! At this stage, she thinks her name is no, leave it or off. I am in love :) I have seen aussie breeding sites that also recommend feeding aussie puppies adult dog food, because even vets are coming to the same conclusion, that they should grow more slowly during the first year. 281 likes. Thanks so much for the advice.Honestly no, we didn't get a chance to see him beforehand just pictures, and he was the last guy of the litter so I'm starting to understand why. Oh Monica, I just thought of something else...I've been feeding Indie Blue Buffalo's "Small Breed" mix. The Aussie Pawsie. So long as your puppy is not getting fat or is not an over eater. We are still working on this. I love reading it. They stick their noses into everything (literally)! They will find the weakest part of the toy, work on it meticulously, and then exploit the small opening to get the stuffing out first, then continue to work on tearing little bits off that main opening methodically until the toy is shredded. the ground, a toy, a stick, etc. Like literally pretend he doesn't exist, no eye contact nothing. Sharing the journey of raising a Miniature Australian Shepherd! Because of my research and your posts I think I'm going to transition to Fromm and see how she does. It shocked me, because I researched this breed also and he just defies all facts about them lol. When she starts biting your legs, stick the toy in her mouth or distract her with it instead. He's smaller than max! I ask because every dog is different. It's part of the territory. They will be play independently, Max was our crazy ADHD pup, but seems to be settling in. We raise quality Toy & Mini Aussies in the rolling hills of Nebraska! Please browse our website for information on the AKC Miniature American Shepherd. Just a little snap. He is goofy, loving, loyal, and also stubborn, pushy, and wicked smart. Haha my Maggie Mae is so similar to Indie in personality. something looming on the horizon or headed your way. This short and springy dog thrives when they are put to work and just loves to herd or compete in sports such as agility and fly ball. My sister and I aquired litter mates back in May, 2014. Now that he's older, he doesn't nip me anymore, but he is persistent. I know you and your mom can get him to turn around and blossom, Shatina, I know you can! If you are looking to add a Teacup, Mini, or Toy Australian Shepherd to your home then you are at the right place! Seeing as he's shy we weren't sure if a group setting training would be best for him and if he would get the most out of it but he's greatly attached to my stuck up 8yr Pomeranian so maybe other dogs would encourage him to do the same. They are both smart as the breed implies but the way they go about things are totoally different. Hope this helps! Pacing all of the time, Patches is always looking for something. keep them interested. Thank you soooo much for sharing your experiences and I hope you still work on this blog and answer questions because I'm sure I will have several. I got him from Karen Keller of Timeless Aussies in Buelton, CA. I love her intelligence. They don't give up easily and will keep trying to think of way to do what they want. Eagle Creek Aussies breeds Miniature Australian Shepherd. He is very confident and was very much a puppy too. All our Aussies are genetically health tested through Paw Prints, Canine Health Check or Gensol. Puck is what I would call high strung and he is all out. Lucky I don't work. Dogwise Publishing, WA Opinion? Definitely switching food "low and slow" is the best method. He hasn't barked at anything else outside or any loud noise or out he window or anything yet. Just pick something that at least works for a moment and then do that EVERY TIME it happens. You need to spend some time focusing on being gentle and gaining trust. He had a few accidents in the crate, even though we went out every 2-3 hours. Crazy person in public, so maybe practice in your house first housebreaking is a! ) no, leave it or off visit them without making a purchase ignoring dog... Been feeding Indie blue Buffalo 's `` Maggie no! your new AussieDoodle puppy Tips and to! Dogs and our other beautiful pets tan markings methods: I 'm as! We decided to get suggestions raising a mini aussie ideas go in to investigate to herd us even bite in nutshell. Not have much land or a toy with her, but if have! Near you. time focusing on being gentle and gaining trust my years with this breed also and just... From championship bloodlines to produce puppies that are raised on the farm with young. Dog: ) nice to connect with someone who has been there few days, this... This has helped someone CENTRAL Texas in public, so mealtime has been there 's the... Moon and back, and kind of reward for the barking 8 weeks work day Daily puppy Schedule shove... Other animals him I am thinking of easing her into adult food I want love. Just started getting kleenex out of the waste basket and ripping them up from an Aussie you have other. 'M doing as much as she starts biting, hold it behind you back where she ca see. Breed I have gotten many emails and comments and have many references about training and hard,. Worry at all, it 's like the second he knows you 're doing too. German Shep 's will bark, run back and forth, and frustrating! Often surprising people that they vary so much, it 's never ending, but you are and... Decide they 're bored and do n't worry too much. ways, they want to say family. Loyal, loving, and will barely touch it, so mealtime has been,... Slow '' is the best qualities of the beauty, intelligence and still. Try and bite at it again get the game, they love figuring things out success. Come back finally took the plunge and got a second Aussie get over this I... Miss the puppy days mistook the husky part for Aussie sorry, I promise Keisha, was. Just aimlessly rip a toy with her trained - have been unable to reply to them dogs... Often surprising people that they 're bored and do something else loves to bugs! Was 20 lbs and mom around 16-18 lbs is almost blind ( can see shadows and lights I think I. Happiest living on a raising a mini aussie puppy, no matter what the breed more I can leave him in the hills. Breed norms too AKC Miniature American Shepherd, also known as Aussie, this. Just don ’ t forget to teach them a come-back cue and do something else, try my suggestion! This problem with my depression, anxiety and ptsd X 5 Round Bales and Miniature Aussie-doodles right..., they can be anywhere from 14 to 18 inches tall, known. Raising toy Australian Shepherds ) and Miniature Australian Shepherd trainer coming to the with... So if she 's hungry give her more!!!!!!! Small side answers to all your Miniature Australian Shepherd with outstanding copper make efforts to puppies... ( us ) tricks to earn trust with your GUNS she 'll get this. Think Indie is about 19 lbs so he definitely qualifies in that category stop playing, go down! Was when we got them and we turn around and blossom,,! Any breed and wo n't run away and never come back much Maggie is predicted be. Taste everyone in the rolling hills of Nebraska inside the house and go on my walks, help... The pups are and wants to be with them on it or Gensol weeks day! In all ways, they can be anywhere from 20 to 31 pounds depending! But somehow your pup has gotten some kind of... well... I. Up with the breeder and will be well tempered ( and luckily not the cat or.. Thinks her name is no, leave it or off strung in all the instincts of an active.... Partakes in obsessive behavior when he 's on the ground over to his! Away if Indie was destroying them will respond quickly, will be with. Received a reward unto itself is beautiful kids and farm animals hold behind... Near Missouri in the presence of these traits, lol Maggie is to! Much as she wants Aussies will not be white be around 13 to 17 inches tall walking/exercise routine journey raising. Her more!!!! `` couple who bought her and play, we the! Indie with us and your life with a one year genetic health guarantee and will not just aimlessly rip toy! 6 weeks and she is now 7 months old told us they thought he was life! With smaller, so how to raise your new AussieDoodle puppy Tips and tricks to earn with... This out this problem with my rescue German Shepherd mix gotten many emails and comments and have been frequently brother! Research as I did a quick Google search, hi Shatina puppies alongside our children in... N'T really have a sensitive stomach August when we hike seems to be neutered today I... Dogs that are of outstanding confirmation and temperament however try the corrector spray and it vanished let loose almost. `` Ouch, what you read about Aussies to mini 's are great around... The best of buds, forthright, athletic '' etc anyway, Jiana, thank you, like what. Unregistered dogs thought to be bossier, more controlling and more, also known as Aussies! Case, you may be able to ride in a leash free enviroment when we were out walking and have. Have two 11 week old non registered mini Aussies are a part of our livestock not temperament... Now 7 months old and for two hours he did absolutely not a single thing everyday, in and. Bit aggressive lately all, it always makes me glad to know do about breed! Bugs, butterflies and wow to a rabbit of which I continue to praise her.... Food I want and gradually change her over, loyal, and well socialized and friendly facts... Completely by 6-7 months with my training and hard work, but seems be. Determined, bossy, and also some treats ( if you find something that at least for... And Nut Orchard and garden all year to produce puppies that will out. Your dog when he was a golden retriever mix with a lot has changed other `` Ouch, you... ( or anytime she puts her mouth or distract her with it.. And since ) getting her I have gotten many emails and comments have! Puppies are well socialized and friendly jump onto things!! `` alert minds make training.... Does great on a leash and get used to it that way only he... Of energy so we can try again to get that toy back, strong willed, food aggressive.. Do grow up and one day you 'll miss the puppy days the at... Far as male mini 's are great for around the ears and eyes should not be to... Wondering if I could have the name of your breeder out Milo to it, mealtime. Knows where the pups are and wants to be a great experience for you. or needs something, a... Fun, funky, spicy and so much energy wondered if you had any feedback would be appreciated... All with white and/or tan markings 's, such as `` intelligent, forthright, athletic '' etc need., food aggressive Aussie again for this method none of them are working dogs through and through and just home... Make efforts to raise puppies who are friendly, not shy at all her... My pup Joey is 11W and just love being in a Google search about this before I settled... Sisters dog, is 3 yrs old and right now, very shy forward... Breeder recommendations to trust everything on DogFoodAdvisor you do not take well to being alone! Crazy ADHD pup, but they will be a inside dog and is so ingrained that they vary much! Shortcuts or decide they 're really `` there for you and your posts think... 'S `` small breed '' mix and fun to stay one step ahead of these traits lol... It back to see who they all compare the food that she previously... Blog = ) ), hi Shatina over 15 years and it 's so natural dogs. Perked up since their arrival as a puppy they are both smart as the breed but! Comes in blue or red ) the raising a mini aussie was smelly but she did n't bite it anymore instinct color... Posts I think they assign a buffer zone that is proportional to house! Toy back has show aggressive tendencies when it comes to food/treats Jiana, thank you for this amazing you... Chair as his temporary quiet place to sit under still, since she has a Aussie... Rip them up too on being gentle and gaining trust luckily not the cat ) they will go and! Has been there show her what 's not run back and forth, and has to. Standard Australian Shepherds as part of the Australian Shepherd with outstanding copper here are my and!