At £547, this camera is one of the cheaper options on the market and a gift that will help produce that quality content every vlogger wants. The new iPhone X is the latest model in Apple’s range and boasts some impressive features that seem handmade for the social media influencer. Shop unique cards for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Congratulations, and more. We help influencers & businesses connect, learn, and work with their peers. When writing the letter, one must also be careful of the tone and format of the letter, which depends on your relationship with the person. Keep the letter cheerful and short indicating you are pleased to have the opportunity to share the gift with the one receiving it. Scheduling days for filming, editing, events and, of course, social life, is key to keeping a vlog channel consistent and popular. Influencer Marketing: What Is It and Why Your Business Needs It. And, at this point, you probably know that the main purpose of influencer marketing and outreach is to boost your company’s sales and leads. With an increase in leads, you will in turn see an increase in revenue, thus influencer marketing is an excellent strategy to use if you want to grow your business. Monitor and track the result of your campaign. Influencer marketing is wonderful for driving brand awareness, but it’s even better when it drives sales, too. A thank you letter for gift is the letter which is written by the person, who has received the gift to the person who has offered the gift. For £10.50 this is a pretty, and practical, present to give this Christmas. Marble doesn’t have to be expensive either; this small tray by John Lewis is £18 but you can buy marble placemats or slates even cheaper on sites such as Ebay. The point is to not let the minutiae cloud the blogger’s judgment. What to Include In Your Influencer Marketing Agreement. Now follow that same procedure for sending products to your influencers. The planning phase should be at the beginning of every single influencer marketing campaign - product or paid. We love this pretty wall planner as it will allow any influencer to visualise the days and weeks, keeping them organised and stress-free. The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II is a great, handy sized camera with a 1.0 type sensor, meaning it will pick up your face perfectly whilst you’re filming. Every blogger knows that the best companion to their laptop is an external hard drive. You’ve heard the term influencer outreach thousands of times before. This will help you work out the number of influencers there is capacity to work with. These handy mic muffs make appearances in Louis Cole and Zoella’s videos because they are so useful for blocking out background wind noises. Influencer marketing is a trending topic in content marketing. Before all you Apple lovers turn away, the Acer Swift is half the price of a Macbook with just as many benefits. A gift unaccompanied by a card or letter may appear materialistic, which is something that a letter will be able to rectify. You can sign up for the brand catalogue for free here. Industry stats provided by,, hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(4127997, 'f6826e26-0a1d-4d2b-83d7-3c50ff1a1db9', {}); In the run up to Christmas 2020, it's a great time to test the waters with influencer marketing. Work with Us. Once your content has started to go live, you’ll be able to export a report that shows how your content is performing over time, at both an influencer level and campaign level. A useful round up of parenting blogs that deserve your attention immediately as they are funny, spirited and full of really valuable parenting resources. In aid of the mental health charity, Mind, this wellbeing journal is a lovely way for bloggers to note down all their creative ideas. In fact, B2B Content Marketing Report claims that 93 percent of marketers use content marketing to make sure that their effort stands out and grabs the attention of potential customers. Your influencer agreement should outline what you expect from the influencer in return for the gift. This provides many benefits: Brands can better track the ROI of their influencer marketing campaigns. Leaving shipping to a cheap third party can mean the influencer receiving a torn box, broken pieces, or banged-up items. The iPhone X is a pricey present, but it is bound to make the recipient a very happy person (even if that person is you!). Influencer campaigns don’t always need always need to be focused on the brand or product. gifting influencers diamonds has different value to a gifted lip balm. If that's not your cup of tea, you can often hire influencers for their services. ... Should you venture above the 15,000 threshold and wander into larger influencer territory, you’ll need to be extra clear about expectations. Think outside of the box and find different ways to promote your business without being too gimmicky and in-your-face. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. You want them to have the best overall experience. Mind’s Wellbeing Journal: Creative Activities to Inspire: Retails for £9.99. You should include: expected deliverables, time-frame, hashtags and handles required. When it comes to influencer selection, you'll also want to choose influencers who are a good fit for your product, but also whose audience are matched to your target demographics. Now I’m 100% sure that you are a perfect fit for our brand. How Do I Sign Up and Get Started? You should include: expected deliverables, time-frame, hashtags and handles required. Just like the Influencer Gift inserts, there’s no obligation to post or to do anything, but we think you’ll often find that they’re causes you want to get behind in some way. And when it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram is by far the best performing platform for … We know it's hard to find the right gifts for your loved ones, so we've compiled a ton of fashion and beauty-focused gift guides tailored to a range of interests and budgets. to get started! At CollectiveEdge we have exciting news about our services that we hope you'd like to hear about. Intellifluence is an influencer marketing platform for gifts that you can actually afford! Nothing screams, “You’re an afterthought” like sending a crappy package. Christmas is coming and we all know what that means… presents! Seagate’s Backup Plus portable drive comes in plenty of variations, ranging in size, storage and colour. Topics: Influencer Marketing 101, Product Sampling Programs. Seagate Backup Plus Slim: Retails from £54. Back in 2007, I attended the 25th anniversary celebration for the Entrepreneurs Organization in Las Vegas. Whether you’re running a gifting campaign for a £10 or £10k product, the same strategic influencer marketing principles apply. Its full HD resolution screen and 128 GB storage capacity mean this laptop will be able to store all those images, articles and emails that come with being a blogger. Thinking you don’t need to put together an influencer agreement. Riley von Niessen — December 16, 2018 — Tech. This letter basically works like a sign of appreciation from the gift received person to the gift sending a person, thus it is always considered good morale and the etiquettes to always send a thank you letter for a gift. During the planning phase, you should identify who your target audience is and what your campaign objectives are. Good lighting becomes harder to find in the dark, winter months but with this kit, your influencer will be able to capture Instagrammable pictures all year round. You’ll also need to evaluate the overall success of your campaign, so refer back to the KPI’s you set at the planning stage. To make things easy - we have launched The Brand Catalogue. From sourcing influencers and engaging with them, to negotiating deliverables, approving content and tracking results, O’Wow used ZINE in all its glory. If you’ve spent even a few minutes on Instagram, there’s a good chance you’ve come across an influencer post. If so, we can send one your way! Acer Swift 3 SF314-51: Retails for £541.68. For more info on starting on the right foot and sourcing the best influencers to gift product to, read this blog post. From shop ACT33Designs. Whether you’re buying for a vlogging partner, a social media bestie or you’re just wanting to treat yourself this Christmas, here is our list of the best luxury, practical and pretty presents. Finding the right influencers to work with can be time consuming without a tool like ZINE. Act Fast – Mail your influence letter as soon as possible (preferably within twenty-four hours).If time is of the essence, send your letter by email. Behind the Feed: Interview with Monica Beatrice Welburn, Reels vs. IGTV: Research case study [+downloadable], The Secret to a Successful Influencer Gifting Campaign (+case study), Wrapping it up: influencer marketing trends and stats from 2020. Welcome Jed North Influencers! All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Here are this months promoted products. If you have ever … This present really is a luxury and perhaps, if it’s not a present for a loved one, then it can be a present to yourself. They know their audience the best and the best ways to engage with them. Contents . Think about how you’d send a wedding gift to your closest friend. It's the perfect gift for the 24/7 entrepreneurs who need some extra help getting rest. As part of your free trial on our platform you'll get: 1. Micromuffs eliminate this noise, allowing you to speak freely to the camera without worrying about the quality. Tips for Writing an Influence Letter . Average engagement - this will indicate the engagement you can expect for your images, Monthly audience growth - negative growth can indicate an un-engaged audience, Previous brand associations - does the influencer already work with brands similar to yours? You can arrange a deal with an influencer to get product placement or recommendations, either for mutual promotion or for payment. Buying gifts can be tricky, even more so when shopping for the influencer in your life that already has all the latest products at their fingertips. Travel Influencers For (Almost) Everywhere In The World. High-quality Influencers Greeting Cards designed and sold by artists. 3. An approval from the advertiser is needed before uploading the content. Here at CollectivEdge, we know all about influencers which is why we’ve created the ultimate Christmas gift guide. Simply click Sign Me Up! Even though you won’t be paying influencers in cash, you should still put together a campaign budget. No one wants a blurry video. Its fast processor and WIFI connectivity allow you to send images and videos straight onto your phone, making it great for any travel vloggers out there. For a gifting campaign this means, the total value of stock you intend to gift and the cost of the stock. We will treat your data with respect and you can stop receiving our updates at any time. The letter will convey that you really care about the person and you are not just sending the gift as a token of formality. Discover 16 gift ideas perfect for the social media guru in your life, from handy tech gadgets to Instagrammable beauty tools. For the Social Media Influencer The Luxury Gift iPhone X: Retails for £47.95/mon for up to 24 months. Even though it's a gifting campaign, it's highly likely that the influencer will still need to declare the ad as sponsored - so always include #Ad in the agreement. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(4127997, 'b4bccca6-55c9-4377-ac8d-ed058043ba01', {}); Monica is a blogger, podcaster and influencer who lives in the English countryside. For £41.99 this kit includes two continuous lighting stands with bulbs and a softbox. So, why not treat your vlogging partner to a new camera this Christmas. You’ve done your brainstorming, planning and have your influencer agreement ready and waiting - it's time to start finding influencers. Our client portfolio covers all major industries such as fashion, beauty, food, tourism, financial sector, film, music, and many more. [Include a pic] Like it? Its 10-hour battery life will last those long train journeys back from blogger conferences and it’s gold colouring makes it a beautiful, festive gift. iPhone X: Retails for £47.95/mon for up to 24 months. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Share on Pinterest. is the largest influencer marketing professional community. Mind’s Wellbeing Journal: Creative Activities to Inspire. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to in contact with an influencer on Instagram. Our favourite is the Ultra Slim which has backup software and is one of the thinnest portable drives on the market, making it easy to slip into a bag or coat whilst on the go. For your campaign to be successful, you’ll need to commit. Marble has been a huge trend across social media, with huge influencer such as Phoebe Soup using it as a theme for her Instagram. Keep it Concise – Your letter should be no more than about 300 words. This journal will be great for jotting down those flashes of inspiration that strike whilst you’re out around town. We hope you all have a brilliant Christmas and get everything you wish for. Your email address will not be published. From 4K Vlogging Cameras to Social-Focused Makeup Branding. Once you’ve made that first round of correspondence, try upgrading your direct message templates to offer a specific value, like this: Hey, [First Name] – We think you’d look awesome in one of our latest hats. The new iPhone X is the latest model in Apple’s range and boasts some impressive features that seem handmade for the social media influencer. The new Portrait Lighting feature allows you to edit the background of your selfies whilst the dual 12MP camera captures them in high definition. Even though it's a gifting campaign, it's highly likely that the influencer will still need to declare the ad as sponsored - so always include #Ad in the agreement. You can read our privacy policy here. A. Seen as our latest feature the ZINE Brand Catalogue focuses on gifting campaigns, it was perfect timing for us to kick off with a bang, and celebrate its' launch with our top 10 influencers, who will amaze you with what they can do for your brand, if you just give them the right gift.. Gifting campaigns can work exceptionally well for brands in influencer marketing. If you have any more great influencer gift suggestions then let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Your influencer agreement should outline what you expect from the influencer in return for the gift. Impressions vs engagement: Understanding the difference, How Instagram's platform changes affect brands, Allowing the influencer to tag other brands isn’t necessarily a bad thing! We will use your information to predict what you might be interested in. Their decision to approach both macro and micro-influencers allowed them to reach a huge, yet very targeted audience, with the majority showing immense interest in hair and beauty. Biggest fail in gifting collaboration? Your email address will not be published. Only you will be able to determine what success should look like, so this should be established and agreed upon with all relevant parties from the offset. This present really is a luxury and perhaps, if it’s not a present for a loved one, then it can be a present to yourself. Simply create your profile and campaign, then specify your influencer requirements. If you want to treat the influencer in your life to a practical pressie this Christmas, then we’d recommend this full lighting kit which is bound to capture the perfect selfie. High quality Influencer gifts and merchandise. Planners are an influencers best friend and this wall planner would make a cute addition to anyone’s vlogging set up. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The influencer should create original content that is decent, honest, and factual. Measuring the performance of your gifting campaign is really simple with a tool like ZINE. Get up to 35% off. Let your influencers have creative control over the campaign. Micromuffs are a must-have item for any vlogger who likes filming out and about. Rather than running a campaign with one or two influencers, we suggest working with influencers over a period. Home » Blog » The Ultimate Influencer Gift Guide. The content will likely appear more organic and you’ll also get picked up by people searching for those other brands, Remember to ask the influencer for permission to share to your own channels (with credits of course!). C. The approved created content will be shared by the influencer to his/her social media accounts listed above. According to a poll on the Tomoson blog, 59% of marketers are p… O’Wow used the platform’s filters to identify influencers that matched their requirements. Videos, images and written content can be easily lost (spilling coffee on your laptop is never a good day) which is why it’s important to backup all work onto an external hard drive. Your influencer needs to make as little effort as possible when assessing the opportunity. You may also wish to include some basic campaign guidelines - for example, the image style / mood or caption guidelines. Gifting influencers is a great way to earn extra exposure for your brand and has the added benefit of potentially earning yourself a new fan! This wind noise can be heard by even the most expensive cameras, often destroying the sound quality of the footage. The letter and the gift should always be presented to the recipient together. 1 How to Write. You can use our basic templates for about 80% of your letter content, but for the rest of your letter, take some time to do the homework each letter requires, based on whom it's going to. At Statusphere, we match brands with the right influencers to ensure they’re getting the most out of their influencer partnerships. Bloggers, vloggers and social media stars make a living online, so what can you buy them to help improve their careers/hobby? Every social media star loves a good flat lay and what better background for a flat lay than marble? Monthly Wall Planner:  Retails for £10.50. 4.5 out of 5 stars (98) 98 reviews. O'Wow offered influencers a free product in exchange for promotion on instagram. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II: Retails for £547.99. Save time searching for influences and let them apply to you instead. To help you along your way, in this post I cover the basic steps for running a gifting-only influencer marketing campaign successfully. Social media reach vs impressions: which is most important? ️ It’s up to you! The core areas we suggest you look at, to determine whether or not to work with an influencer are: Audience demographics - is the influencers audience aligned with your target market? en; What Do We Do? Be clear, to the point, and make the “ask.” All that the influencer wants to know at this point is your expectations of what she can do for you, and what’s in it for her. Getting 100% of your influencers to sign on is possible, but unlikely – not every opportunity fits every blogger, every moment in time. Whichever marble product you decide to buy, we guarantee the influencer in your life will love it. If you're a brand looking to start your first gifting campaign, why not try out ZINE. We are an influencer marketing agency connecting influencers with brands and managing successful digital campaigns. Any blogger would love this gift and for £9.99, it’s the artistic stocking filler you’ll want to buy. When writing the letter that will accompany the gift, it is important to express your individuality and personality. B. Taking a look at the cleaning, tidying and organising trends on Instagram, inspired by incredible satisfying homemaking Instagrammers – these are the ones you need to follow right now. To work with up to five influencers for free, 2. It's a great platform for mutual promotion, first and foremost. Laptops are a staple piece of equipment that every blogger relies on, so if you’re feeling truly luxurious this Christmas treat them to the new Acer Swift. You can purchase these nifty gadgets for £12.95 from or find similar on sites like Ebay and Amazon. 25 Gift Ideas for the Influencer. As ever, we’d advise you to be as hands off as possible when it comes to creative styling so that the post remains authentic. Within influencer marketing, you’ll hear phrases such as “reach” and “impressions”. Influencer Box FAQs Learn about InfluencerBox, how it works, and how to contact us. The right gift can bring that back to the table and get an influencer interested. Depending on the product value / coolness / desirability of your gift, you’ll need to think what is a suitable influencer size to approach i.e. You’ll then receive applications from influencers browsing the catalogue, and can review their ZINE media kit which will give you a detailed view of their audience demographics, engagement and growth - you’ll even see engagement across Instagram stories (influencers must have Reach Insights activated). I really enjoy your [relevant content] and am impressed by how well you’ve done with [their company name]. Within the first 30 minutes of reaching out to 438 influencers via the platform, O’Wow quickly received positive responses from influencers happy to collaborate and create content for the campaign. Don’t give the full project or campaign brief, that can be left until the influencer agrees to work with you. Many brands share exclusive promo codes with their influencers to pass on to their fans. In my new book, Giftology, I tell the following story about the importance of choosing the right gift — and how it can lead to a lifelong friendship. If you’ve participated in an event hosted by an influencer, mention this fact in your letter: Quigley, I participated in your Instagram workshop yesterday, and I was amazed by your bright personality. A round up of the most inspirational influencers in the game at the moment; from empowering feminists to queer heroes and ardent activists. Not to mention it comes in a gold colour; a perfect match for your new Acer laptop, right? She’s been... Instagram constantly update their algorithm and platform. Funny influencer gift, gift for influencer, humor mug influencer, influencer mug humor, meme humor influencer ACT33Designs. Even searching for your blog requires effort that someone might not be in the mood to make. On the one hand, it’s positive: it... Gifting influencers is a great way to earn extra exposure for your brand and has the added... At the beginning of last year, we published our annual influencer marketing survey. Influencer marketing campaigns earn about $6.50 for every dollar spent. Required fields are marked *. We love the fact this journal also inspires creativity with small activities to get a bloggers brain working. SIGN UP INFLUENCERS; BUSINESSES; LOG IN LOG IN; JOIN THE COMMUNITY; Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Category of Influence We’ve categorized the world’s top influencers so you can see how they’re ranked. *Audience reach totals subject to change. Our Influencer network is comprised of reputable peer-level travelers spanning the globe. right? If you have any questions about running a gift-driven influencer campaign to generate results, contact our team of influencer marketing specialists! Thank you for partnering with us! Letter Form – Influence letters should be typed and sent either via mail or email. Gifting campaigns might seem really easy, but it’s actually the collaboration type we see brands struggle with the most. Hey [name], My name is [your name] from [company].