Some harps are strung with equal spacing; however, most builders use concert spacing, where the distance is graduated and narrower at the top than in the bass strings. Visit our string information and buying guide page.) Muzikkon stock everything from Irish Bodhrans, Traditional Irish Flutes, stringed instruments including the Irish Harp and the Lyre, music accessories like music stands, natural skins and instrument bags and much more. It is firm and produces a warm tone. FIND YOUR HARP BELOW! Pedal harpists can choose harp strings by Octave and Material; very handy if you are looking for 3rd Octave Burgundy Gut for example. String charts and manuals; Amplification A-Z; Camac harp technicians; Webshop; Les Jeudis Classiques. ===== 1. (New to string purchasing? It is in good working condition. Rees has been building harps since 1972. Please print out a string chart from the list below and use it when ordering. Types of materials Catgut. Harp Solo with Strings Adamo, Mark (b Philadelphia, 1962). Select the string chart to suit your harp from the pages below. This includes lever harp, folk harp, Celtic harp, Irish harp, historical harp, Scottish harp, Welsh harp, Gothic harp, lap harps, therapy harp and healing harps, wire strung harp, bronze strung harp, nylon strung harp, double strung harp, cross strung harp, and antique pedal harps. Air Serenity FC String Chart. We have more than 5000 harp string charts on file. Air Serenity Nylon String Chart. Pedal Harp Single Strings. Standard Wires; Tarnish Resistant Wire; Atlanta Harp Center Nylon; Premier Harp Strings. If you are ordering from abroad please contact us directly to arrange postage. L-Scale Length.This is the vibrating length of the string. Guides and resources. Decisions made about string tension are intimately tied to these parameters. B4 and B5. Others use a gauge which is in-between lever and pedal harp – this is known as Pedal Light Strings. Should you happen to break a string on your Reverie Harp, replacements are readily available at any local music store. Premier Strings Lever Tension Gut; Premier Strings Pedal Tension Gut; Octave Sets; Bow Brand Strings. Pull the long end of the string to tighten it around the toggle. Product categories. Single Strings. They do both have lots of strings, and the harp and the grand piano have similar shapes, and both use music written on a grand staff, but please don’t allow these superficial similarities to fool you. We hope you find these helpful. Harp strings can be made using gut, nylon, carbon, wire, or metal. Legend Nylon String Chart. UW-Unit Weight. Robinson's Harp Shop. Delight FC String Chart Rees Harp Line; Salvi. Unlike guitars, where pretty much any standard guitar string set will work, harp strings are much more specific, and it's important to make sure you are getting the right ones. The quality of your strings affects the sound of your harp – over time, strings lose their tonal quality and can change your harp’s pitch. Nylon Strings for Pedal Harp. Strings can be ordered directly through the website. All length and diameter measurements are in inches as the strings come from the USA which uses … Here is a short how-to video that will teach you how to install strings Citara Arco Iris 15 Musical String Lap Harp w 15 Pcs Sheet Music Made in Brazil Description Citara Arco-Iris Wooden Musical Lap Harp This 15 string instrument was made in Brazil. If your harp maker provided a string chart, please send a copy. If you put gut strings on a harp intended for nylon, it could damage the harp. Slide the toggle into the knot, lining it up parallel with the string end. Concert gut . Whilst this does simplify the learning process initially, it is also more limiting and can waste the potential of the harp semitones by limiting the number of common (and thus useful) keys available. Replacing a String on the Reverie Harp. Search. Search: Contact. My Account. Aida. The gut is made using animals gut. STRING CHARTS: Most harp makers will furnish a string gauge chart as part of the package, so don't lose that piece of paper. Our harps are hand crafted in Rising Sun, Indiana, United States. B3. Octave and string numbers for Lyon & Healy and Salvi harps - since all pedal harps used to start with … Pianos are strung with equal spacing, meaning they are the same distance from center-to-center. Therefore, as a courtesy to our customers, we are providing printable string charts for many popular harps. See showroom or website for pricing. Harps are not without their logistical mysteries, especially at the beginning! We include a string chart with each harp showing the string gauges and recommended tuning for that harp. Our guides will help you tune your harp, change strings, transport your harp, replace a lever… Click on the maker and model below for a printable list of the correct gauges of strings for your harp. Lever Harp String Charts. String Charts Please find a string chart for both the pedal, and lever harp below. Note these charts are only for harps made or repaired by Geoff Welham. Concert gut is mostly used on pedal harps. Close. Search for: Search. Title: String Chart Ogden Gut.xls.pdf Created Date: 11/28/2017 5:30:05 PM The best part about our company values is that our products won’t break the bank, we distribute excellent quality music instruments at competitive prices. Just bring in your tuning chart and ask for a “ball-end acoustic guitar string” of the correct size. Very handy for "Bow Brand 1st Octave Gut Set" or "FH32 String 1" for example. All of the charts illustrate string tensions for each string at a variety of pitches,in case you use alternative tunings. Close. Many harpists also put nylon in the second octave for the same reasons. The harp itself has a bright plaid finish. Every harp takes different strings. String chart pdfs for all Rees Concert Line Harps. Atlanta Harp Center Bass Wires. (English) 27-String | 22-String See showroom or website for pricing. If you know the harp string you require, please follow the Harp Strings by String Type link below. TYING THE HARP STRING KNOT A1 A2 A3 A4 ALTERNATIVE HARP KNOT B1. Many times it is glued inside the sound box. We understand that this can be frustrating and confusing. Select the string chart to suit your harp from the pages below. Tie a loose standard knot, leaving about ½" to ¾" of string sticking out beyond the knot. If you have a string chart for your harp, you can use any "brand" of nylon monofilament string (the plain ones with no wrapping), provided you adhere to the diameters specified on the chart. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you put the correct strings on your harp. B2. String Chart for Lever Harp String Chart for Pedal Harp Infinity FC String Chart. Please note that labels may contain strings made from different core materials, e.g. Infinity Nylon Chart. Delight Nylon String Chart. Camac Harps La Richerais – BP 15 – 44850 Mouzeil – France +33 (0) 2 40 97 24 97 [email protected] L’Espace Camac 92, rue … violin E-strings, viola A-strings. Rated 5.00 out of 5. The pedal harp (also known as the concert harp) is a large and technologically modern harp, designed primarily for use in art music.It may be played solo, as part of a chamber ensemble, or in an orchestra.It typically has 47 strings giving a range of six and a half octaves. Sylvain Blassel; Marcel Cara; Agnė Keblytė ; Mélanie Laurent; David Lootvoet; Constance Luzzati; News. Therefore, you do need to specify whether the string you require is for a pedal or lever harp. Click to Download String Charts. It can either be concert gut or level gut. In other words, pedal harp strings are a higher gauge than lever harp strings. The Bardic is a travel-sized lever harp manufactured by French harp maker Camac Harps. Home Harp Making Workshops 30/31 STRING PARAGUAYAN HARP STRING ORDER CHART FOR HARPS MADE BY ROBERT HART/ POLAR BEAR HARP MUSIC . Legend FC String Chart. (French) 27-String | 22-String 1 Product Design & Accessories 2 String Chart 3 Reviews by Owners 4 Watch & Listen 5 Photo Gallery 6 Awards & Recognition According to the Camac website: "This … Some larger lever harps use pedal harp gauge strings. The same is true for gut strings, although it can be more difficult to sort out because most brands of gut are not labeled by diameter. 0,00 € Read more; Pedal Harp String Chart 0,00 € Read more; Showing all 2 results. This article will give an in-depth discussion of the different materials used to make the harp strings. TAUBMANS HARP STRING, T12 20.A8, Order a Taubmans Colour Centre Brushout Additions and corrections to this chart are welcome: Proofer1 (at) comcast (dot) com See additional list of Titles compiled by Dominique Piana page 21. Hold the knot and toggle with one hand and make a loop below the knot. Harp Strings by Harp Type Harp Strings by Type "The finest pedal harp that has ever been made in Britain. Call us on 01342 893242 or email us at for availability of harp strings. Telephone or e-mail us if you have questions. Nylon strings do not sound as good as gut, however, and the lower you get on the harp, the more obvious the sound difference. We also mount another small string chart discreetly in the soundbox as a permanent record of the string set. Harp Strings. Choose the Brand of Harp and select your model. Arpa Llanera (Llanos Harp) String Order & Tuning Chart Find string charts for our harps so you can order new strings or use them as a guide to design your own harp. In all the charts and formulas in the brochure,unit weight is expressed in pounds per linear inch (lb/in). Legend B-to-B Nylon String Chart. In any given harp plan, the luthier first has in his/her "mind's ear" the voice the instrument is meant to achieve, the type of player for whom the harp is intended and, possibly, the price point at which the harp will sell. Most harpists string their first octave (top of the harp) in nylon because it is a lot more durable and cheaper. There are two types of string spacing, equal and concert. Note these charts are only for harps made or repaired by Geoff Welham. Many newcomers to the harp will tune their harp to C major, which is the same as having all the white notes on the piano (when all the levers are off). Choose a String Brand - OR - Choose The Brand of Harp. Lever harps are often also called Irish harps or Celtic harps. We are also the makers of Harpsicle® Harps. INSTRUMENT Please select Violin Viola Cello Double Bass Gamba Concert Harp Folk Harp … Agenda; Blog; Search. Music dictionaries tend to define the harp as one of the most complicated instruments, most difficult to play, or limited in what can be played upon it. To order the right string, you will need to know: whether your harp is a Pedal or Lever harp; if you have a particular brand in mind; whether the string is gut, wire or nylon; which octave the string is in ; and which note; It can also be helpful to know the make and model of your harp when talking to Ranji. Salvi Lever Harp Line; Currently In-Stock; Electric Lever Harps; Strings. pyramid code aquila wound strings “d” aquila synthetic loaded strings “cd” 905/1013al: 73d : 75cd: 906m/1014al: 76d: 75cd: 906: 79d: 80cd: 1006/10065: 82d: 80cd Lastly, you can use our Free Text Search to find your new harp strings. It has its original stickers in place and comes with 15 sheets(30 total because they are printed front and back) of music to play. There is a 10% discount on harp string octaves and full sets when ordered via our web shop.