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Love watching UFC or ONE FC fights on Youtube? Follow in the footsteps of your idols and start learning MMA today at Fighter Fitness Singapore!

MMA Singapore

What is MMA?

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport that allows both striking and grappling. MMA uses the best and most efficient techniques from other combat sports and martial arts and combining them to become an effective fighting system.

MMA was originally promoted as a competition with few rules to find the most effective martial art for unarmed combat. However, MMA competitions have recently introduced more rules to prevent serious injury to competitors and increase safety.

Who should learn MMA?

If you already have some experience in a striking or grappling martial art, and wish to enhance your repertoire and make your martial art game more well-rounded, MMA is for you! Of course, if you are a beginner and are interested in learning martial arts, we warmly welcome you to join our MMA lessons as well!

Where are the MMA lessons conducted?

Our MMA lessons are conducted at our Fighter Fitness Singapore branch located in Hillview (Bukit Batok) in the west side of Singapore.

Why learn MMA at Fighter Fitness Singapore?

Our friendly MMA instructor Niko Soe is a Singaporean professional MMA fighter who is currently signed with ONE Championship. He is a very well rounded fighter who is skilled in all areas of MMA such as Boxing and Wrestling, and has also trained in other traditional martial arts when he was young. Niko is a dedicated MMA trainer and his MMA lessons are always engaging and practical in approach.
During our MMA lessons, striking and grappling techniques will be taught to improve your MMA skills both while standing and while on the ground. Methods to counter and escape from such techniques will also be taught, and light sparring exercises will also be conducted during our MMA lessons to complement your learning experience. Conditioning exercises and games will also be conducted during our MMA lessons to improve your fitness and endurance while fighting, while keeping the lessons fun and interesting!

At Fighter Fitness Singapore, we also place a strong emphasis on safety in all our MMA lessons. Proper warm-up and cool-down exercises are conducted before and every MMA class, and protection gear like boxing gloves and shin pads are provided to prevent injury.

Contact us today to join our MMA classes if you wish to become a better fighter!