The Russian martial art, Systema, is a free-form approach to self-defence and health that is practical and highly effective. A principal based martial art,Systema is a complete method of training that develops in its practitioners a calm state of mind, unfettered movement and a strong spirit. Unique in its approach to combatives,Systema breaks away from the conventional memorization of techniques, fixed patterns and forms. Instead, practitioners learn through doing – instructors are there not to dictate the students, but to guide them along the path of self-discovery which enables them to find their own personal approach to different situations. Systema hand-to-hand training is, by virtue of its principles and methods, highly practical and yet deeply personal. The training environment stimulates the students to discover exciting new perspectives and endless possibilities in the study of movement and self-defence. Eventually,students will learn to master their own bodies and minds and have complete control of any empty-handed or armed attack – using natural and instinctive movements that are dynamic, tension-free and full of power.

Our Partner

Systema Singapore is dedicated to the study and development of Systema in Singapore, as taught by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev.


Wen Hsin

Wen Hsin began with his martial arts journey with kickboxing and karate, but quickly moved over to Systema. He has been certified to teach the Russian martial art since 2011 and has travelled to both the Toronto and Moscow headquarters numerous times to train with Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko. He was the founding instructor of the SUTD School Of Russian Martial Art. Wen Hsin is a certfied Systema Instructor by Systema ryabko and Systema HQ

Aaron Kong

Aaron is a certified systema instructor and has been doing systema for 5 years. Before training in systema, he also trained in various other martial arts such as taekwondo, muay thai and wing tsun. After discovering systema, he fully devote his time to study and learn systema.