Yusri Lias (Noisy Boy)

Yusri is one of the few experienced Singaporean Muslim Muay thai trainer. He had vast experience coaching in Prime Fight Gym, The Ring, The Jungle MMA, Strike combat, Bia Muay Thai and also in Fighter Fitness China. his hype personality will make sure his lesson is very interesting for you and you will have great fun learning muay thai with him

-ex Muay Thai coach for Prime Fight Gym
-ex Muay Thai coach for The Ring
-ex Muay Thai coach for The Jungle MMA
-ex Muay Thai coach for Strike Combat
-ex Muay Thai coach for Sonthaya Bia Muay Thai
-taught in Fighter Fitness China


Hill View
Lesson Name Time Lesson Type Lesson Instructor
Muay Thai (Padwork) 24/8/2019
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Muay Thai Yusri Lias (Noisy Boy)