Akhi Kamiel Phraya Pichai

Akhi was exposed to the world of Muay Thai since he was 14 years old. Through his sister's connection, he was being introduced to a few well known Aussie's fighters whom have inspired him to take up this sport. He started learning Muay Thai and literally grew up in a gym along Kembangan Road until it was establish, built in East Coast Park along old Big Splash, and was named, First Muay Thai Fitness Singapore, for which is currently known as AMAS. He decided to expand his knowledge for Muay Thai and learnt from various Grandmasters and teachers. This is where the nicknamed "Phraya Pichai" was given to him by a well known Master in Thailand. From there, his connections and friends grew not just from Thailand itself, but from Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and a few other countries. He has competed in numerous matches since young, and achieve towards Professional level independently. Not only achieving in Art of Muay Thai, but also in Boxing, where he have manage to trained and compete in SABA novice bouts at Old Thomson HQ and has slowed down in recent times due to other commitments.

1. Instructor Certification Degree in Muay Thai / Kickboxing - World Kickboxing Federation ( W.K.F )

2. Kru Muay Thai - College of Muay Thai Study & Thai Traditional Medicine ( Muban Chom Bueng RajaBhat University )

3. Khan 3 Prajaet - World Muay Boran Federation ( W.M.B.F )

4. Muay Thai Coach Certification - Muay Thai Naga Api (President of Selangor Muay Thai, Malaysia.

5. Muay Thai Coaching Cerification - Royal Thai Fitness ( Thailand Sports Council )

6. Contender Asia Malaysia Instructor Course - World Muay Thai Council ( W.M.C )


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